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A Few Words for Memorial Day

[May 31, 2021]  Memorial Day is not about honoring our living Veterans; it is honoring those who lost their lives.  Veterans like me had the good fortune of coming home.  For us, that’s a reminder that we still have a responsibility to serve when we come home.  It’s this continuation of service that honors our country and those… Read More »

Tarleton’s Quarter: Failed Leadership?

[May 29, 2021]  Can a century’s old brutal leadership provide us with critical lessons today?  In an award-winning movie, The Patriot starring Mel Gibson, the story is told of events in the Revolutionary War.  British Colonel Banastre Tarleton provided surprising successful battlefield leadership but also failed ultimately in his leadership role. As told in the movie, the story… Read More »

A Boy Named Sue

[May 28, 2021]  In 1969, Johnny Cash’s song, “A Boy Named Sue,’ hit Number 1 on the country charts.  The song is about a young man’s quest for revenge on his father, who abandoned him and whose only contribution was to give him the feminine name Sue.  We teach our boys to be strong, independent, and honest.  How… Read More »

4 Mistakes that Make a Leader Ineffective

By | May 22, 2021

75% of workers leave their positions because of poor supervisory management, making terrible supervisors the number one reason for employee termination. Why are there so many bad leaders? There are at least two reasons. First, many managers lack leadership skills. Management training was not provided to 58% of managers. Second, the majority of leaders believe they are better… Read More »