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Just the Facts, Ma’am

By | June 13, 2021

[June 13, 2021]  Don’t embellish your story.1  Only state precisely what has happened and do so without embellishment or adding your opinion.  Just the Facts, Ma’am, is attributed to the 1950s TV series Dragnet where Sergeant Joe Friday is the main stoic character. The show was one of the highest-rated series of the decade.  I watched it many… Read More »

I Call it Lying: Media Bias 101

[June 9, 2021]  On several occasions, I noted a tendency for Western media toward an anti-democratic bias (see links here, here, and here).  Whether it is honoring dead Islamic terrorists or advocating for looting, rioting, and murder, many news organizations have failed at their most basic task – providing impartial information to the public.  A recent example of… Read More »

D-Day and a WW2 Medic Memorial

[June 6, 2021]  Today is, of course, the anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 1944 when allied forces stormed ashore at Normandy and began the long march to defeat Nazi Germany during WW2.  One of those men was Sergeant and medic Bernie Friedenberg.  I wrote about him in an earlier article.1 Yesterday, several veterans and a retired FBI special… Read More »

What is a Defeat?

[June 5, 2021]  The Ancient Chinese General and philosopher Sun Tzu once wrote, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”  He was referring to the fact that no matter what happens on the battlefield to military forces, there is always a way to hold off defeat to the nation-state. War is not always won on the… Read More »