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“Rooster” Cogburn: a Great Story of Manhood

By | March 30, 2022

[March 30, 2022]  John Wayne is an iconic idol of manhood.  Tough, courageous, self-reliant, and independent; are the hallmarks of true manliness.  In the 1975 American western movie “Rooster Cogburn,” John Wayne stars as an aging, one-eyed lawman doing his best to redeem his reputation and earn back his marshal’s badge. Critics do not consider the movie to… Read More »

Characteristics Of Participative Leadership – How To Create These?

By | March 27, 2022

[March 27, 2022]  The role of an individual and a group of individuals in improving the performance of all members in an organisation depends on the leadership style. 2022’s workplace culture is much different from the workplace of the past. Thus, to better develop the 2022’s workplace culture, the strategies and the leadership style must need changes. The… Read More »