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Get Scheduled, Establish a Routine

By | April 30, 2022

[April 30, 2022]  Achieve your life’s goals that you voluntarily create by creating a set of smaller sub-tasks to accomplish them.  Do so by creating a schedule and routines. A schedule is unbelievably helpful in achieving your life’s goals; those goals you create voluntarily.  To reach your goals properly, establish sub-tasks in support of those goals.  There could… Read More »

Don’t be swayed by fashion, fads, or promises of fun

By | April 25, 2022

[April 25, 2022]  Driving with my 15-year-old in the car and listening to the radio was great for our father-daughter relationship.  We got to talk, relax, and see the countryside.  I’d purposefully selected a radio station that played current music appealing to teenagers, or so I thought. This car trip was in 2003, shortly after I’d been ordered… Read More »

Embrace Failure

By | April 21, 2022

[April 21, 2022]  Embrace failure, learn and move on.  Remember that failure is only temporary. Failure has been around since Adam and Eve ate the apple in the Garden of Eden.  They would “become like God” if they ate it, so claimed the serpent.  Sadly, Adam and Eve believed the lie and chose to eat the apple in… Read More »