Monthly Archives: May 2022

Memorial Day 2022

[May 30, 2022]  Each Memorial Day, I write a short reminder to those in my community on what I see as this special day of remembrance.  Below, I’ve copied it in full. This Memorial Day, our Veterans’ Club calls upon its members and our Four Seasons friends and neighbors to join others across the United States in a… Read More »

The Days Before Memorial Day

[May 29, 2022]  The days before Memorial Day are full of getting the BBQ grills ready, buying hotdogs and hamburger meat, finding where we put the potato chips, and scurrying about to invite neighbors to a fun day out.  We probably considered attending a local Memorial Day parade or ceremony.  Many folks traditionally do that, and I’m happy… Read More »

Guardian Angels of Life

[May 28, 2022]  Occasionally, I have the great fortune to come across some very caring folks doing God’s work in their community.  Guardian Angels of Life is a right-to-life non-profit organization composed of some dedicated, beautiful people who have strong beliefs in the sanctity of life. I’m highlighting them today because they exemplify mature adults with noble goals… Read More »

Always attend Funerals

[May 27, 2022]  My brother and I stood there, looking at the casket of our great-grandfather.  This was the first funeral we ever attended.  Neither of us wanted to be there.  My father made it clear, “You’re going to the funeral, do it for the family.”  I couldn’t talk, my brother cried, we were both in shock from… Read More »

Know Your Enemy

[May 24, 2022]  Never underestimate your enemy.  The ‘enemy’ symbolically refers to people opposed to you, those with competitive opposing ideas, desires, and missions.  They could be an opposing army, a terrorist group, a strongman dictator, a megalomaniac who wants to destroy the world, or the metaphysical Devil.  The enemy can be as tiny as a drunk friend… Read More »

Off-Line for a Few Days

[May 19, 2022]  Surprise!  My out-of-town family is visiting me unexpectedly.  My birthday is coming up shortly and I am pleased by the surprise visit.  We are getting a chance to see the area I live in, and pursue some of my hobbies.  So, with that in mind, I’ll be off-line for a few days.  I’ll return by… Read More »