All the Great Men I’ve Known

By | February 15, 2023

[February 15, 2023]   All the great men I’ve known had a remarkable capacity for controlled aggression.  That aggression was closely contained so they could use it carefully when needed.  And in doing so, they gave them dignity, which made others around them respect them.

Many suspect those men were tough, experienced, intelligent military men, but that is not the case.  I’ve seen this in men in various occupations, usually in organizations that demand a high level of commitment and sophisticated skills; health care (surgeons), steel manufacturers, police and emergency services, high-rise construction workers, and the like.

Integrating that aggression is a much better method to make a better man than repressing it out of existence.  All of these men knew exactly where they were headed in their lives.  And they were all on a noble path that involved doing difficult things for others.  An early example in my life was working with electrical linemen who worked in the most extreme weather to restore power to their communities under emergency conditions.  They were the toughest and most dedicated men you can imagine.

These men were oriented to a difficult, specific goal and required courage (imagine working on a utility pole, 40 feet up, in a driving rain storm, and repairing a 12,000-volt transmission line).  Unlike an impulsive violent criminal path, a high goal requires discipline and strength.

They all told me that they chose the most difficult jobs they could find.  They wanted to be someone others could depend upon when the going got rough.  They were much more productive than most of us can imagine because they were fantastically disciplined.

We all have the potential for aggression within us, and that has the possibility of making the world more like hell or more like heaven.  To the degree that we can have the courage and faith to manifest that aggression in a positive way, then we push everything in a positive direction.  And that is not some naïve positive direction where everyone is always nice to each other.

This is the direction that great men help move the world forward; feed people, cure diseases, bring water and electricity to homes, take care of children, and keep evil in check.  And the world would have a hole in it without such people.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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29 thoughts on “All the Great Men I’ve Known

    1. Barbershop Ian

      Yes Nicholas, that’s why we are here. Best leadership blog I’ve ever read. Daily dose of great information. 👍 What is one lesson is to find great men and fin$ out what makes them darn good at what they do. That is the essence of a moral and effective life and leader.

  1. Shawn C. Stolarz

    Great men. Perhaps more opportunities to be great. Yes? I thinkso.

  2. Tried It Yesterday

    Looking back in written history, we find very very few great women. Now, this is important, the facts don’t demean women. That’s just the way it is in the world. Get over it. Oh, women who are bitches are not strong women, just immature feminists.

  3. mainer

    Now, you are all looking at some insight into what makes people great.
    “I’ve seen this in men in various occupations, usually in organizations that demand a high level of commitment and sophisticated skills; health care (surgeons), steel manufacturers, police and emergency services, high-rise construction workers, and the like.” These are the real “men” that the radical leftists want to destroy.

  4. Army Vet

    Now this is the kind of article I just want to read over and over. It is a great thing that we can appropriately recognize great men (and without naming them) to say what it takes to be great. If you disagree with Gen. Satterfield, then tough cookies, you are a wimp and deserve what you get.

    1. old warrior

      .. they deserve a butt wopping. And they will eventually get it. Maybe those that disagree with pee their pants too.

      1. Forrest Gump

        old warrior, you make me smile on the inside knowing that you are right. Thank You!!!!!!!

  5. JT Patterson

    In the scheme of things, I have found that those who rise to the top of their professions have several common traits – high intelligence, dedication, fierce loyalty, truthful and honest, and are true leaders. And, especially a hell of a lot of experience.

    1. Linux Man

      Nailed it JT. Hey thanks and good to see you on Gen. Satterfield’s leadership blog today.

  6. Mr. T.J. Asper

    “Integrating that aggression is a much better method to make a better man than repressing it out of existence.” Schools are trying to repress it out of young boys and failing the boys, failing our society in the long run, and failing their purpose as a teacher. I speak from the job of being a High School teacher. I see it everyday.

    1. Yusaf from Texas

      Thank you TJ for the insights. Keep up saving young boys from the feminization of manhood.

        1. Kenya

          Pow, nailed it Valkerie. We want boys to be gentle and kind and weak and effete. And we give them hormone blockers too. That destroys them before they can become men and learn to be good, strong, reliable, independent, harsh men.

  7. Idiot Savant

    Another very informative article by Gen. Satterfield. BTW, Gen. S., I just finished reading “55 Rules for a Good Life” for the second time. Easy read. I did love the book and it should be recommended reading for junior high school and up. Just me thinking about how to make kids better.

    1. Greek Senator

      Commie, did you read what you wrote. Open you eyes to the world. Some people are better at certain tasks than others. The fact that you write on this blog is proof that you value it more than others. There are many forms of value, but there will always be a hierarchy of value.

    1. Don Snow

      Yep, same here. I’ve met no great women, despite what our political marxist elites tell me. I have one standard of greatness and the women I’ve met just don’t meet that standard. Perhaps if I had double standards that would make more women like me.

        1. Max Foster

          Got that right Janna. But the question is WHAT IS GREATNESS? Now we do need to answer that and perhaps Gen. Satterfield could give us a hint. Overall, this is an excellent article and the kind that I hope to see on this blog. Not just a list of items or checklist to determine a great leader. But what do they have in common?


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