America’s Donation to the Taliban

By | September 5, 2021

[September 5, 2021]  We tend to forget why American and allied forces were in Afghanistan before our inglorious retreat.  Perhaps some do remember the 9/11 event that occurred 20 years ago.  The Taliban were harboring Al-Qaeda, a Sunni Islamic terrorist organization that killed thousands of U.S. citizens on that date.

In today’s new ‘Woke’ culture, we are rewarding the Taliban with billions of dollars worth of equipment.  The list is mind-boggling.  The Taliban now is the best-equipped enemy of freedom globally, thanks to President Joe Biden with the spineless acquiescence of SECDEF Lloyd Austin and Chief of JCS Mark Milley (who should immediately resign in shame).

Renowned historian Victor Davis Hanson has explored this issue on several occasions and has been blunt about the travesty of majestic proportions.  In his September 2 column, Mr. Hanson comments on the rot in the highest levels of our military.  He is also greatly mystified by our indifference to the loss of material.  I addressed the blunder yesterday (see link here and here).

“This is the greatest loss of military equipment in the history of warfare by one power.” – Victor Davis Hanson

More and more, it looks like the official position of the Biden Administration is that this all doesn’t matter one bit.1  This disaster will haunt us for many decades to come.

For prosperity sake and to have the ability to throw this into the faces of leftists who support the evils that Joe Biden has brought upon us, here is a graphic from the Times (U.K.) that lays it out in stark detail.


Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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23 thoughts on “America’s Donation to the Taliban

  1. Steve Dade

    This is so shocking. Yet, now I’m hearing that the Taliban is holding American hostages for concessions from the US President. What will Biden give them next?

  2. Doggie Treatman

    This whole episode is the most shameful display of incompetence in the history of America. And yet Biden is being praised for his great leadership. How disgusting.

    1. Tony Cappalo

      We all feel the same way. Is there a correlation between those who wear their face masks all day long and who support Biden? Yes, the mask is a sign of obedience to the rightful owner of you, Joe Biden. /sarcasm.

      1. Willie Strumburger

        Tony, you are such a great comedian. Made me laugh. But this whole episode should be repeated ad nauseum. Why? To get thru the thick skulls of Biden’s lemmings, it must be hammered at repeatedly so eventually (if possible at all) they learn that their way of thinking is evil. Only that way will they ever reject it.

  3. American Girl

    Tomorrow is Labor Day, enjoy all, I’ll not be on but have a wonderful AMERICAN day.

  4. Rusty D

    My friends and I know several whacko liberals in our neighborhood and we tell them whenever we see them that they should move to NY, NJ, MN, or CA. Get out of Virginia. We want to be around patriots, not traitors like Milley, Austin, and Biden.

    1. Delf "Jelly" Bryce

      The leftists are not the main problem here but the intell agencies like the FBI (which I’ve written on in the pages of Gen. Satterfield), the CIA and others. Plus, the fecklessness of traitors (I agree with the judgment) of the three crazies Biden, Austin, and Miley. Woke generals and politicians are doing us great harm. They destroy incentives to work, they invite in the worst humans ever for FREE handouts, and they tax the crap out of the rest of us to pay for it. Wake up people to what is happening.

      1. Dead Pool Guy

        Hey, Jelly, great to see you back on Gen. Satterfield’s leadership blog. Welcome and please publish more of your articles.

    2. Fred Weber

      Ack, don’t have them move to Colorado, we already have enough of those idiots.

    1. Frank Graham

      Yes, that is why I have Gen. Satterfield and his website on my favorites bar. Keep up the great work Gen. Satterfield, you are an example of a hero.

  5. Georgie B.

    Mind boggling is an understatement. For those leftists out there and their sycophant media lap dogs, it is you who are personally responsible. We will never forget who you are and what you did. Never.

    1. Yusaf from Texas

      My plan is to always bring it up in conversation and never ever ever let them get a word in edgewise. They are sickos.

      1. Kenny Foster

        You are lucky to live in Texas where men are men and women are women and people are gracious. Not like NYC or other parts of the coast where you have to be a sicko to live there.

    2. Laughing Monkey

      I certainly will never forget and the more we get this info out there publically, the less likely that the communist inspired social media techies will be able to squash it. Keep up the great work you are doing here Gen. Satterfield …. the more you post on this subject the better.

  6. Silly Man

    I saw the graphic earlier and was shocked then. Now, I’m just enraged.


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