Clearing the Spindle: Oh, the Irony

By | August 17, 2020

[August 17, 2020]  Well, it’s been a few months since my last spindle post. Still, so many issues have developed regarding leadership (the lack of it, mostly) that several readers asked for my comments on several current issues facing our society.  Regular readers will recognize my interests in showing how good leadership is often the solution to real problems.  Here, today is where the lack of leadership shows its ugly head.  Oh, the irony of these, I think, is staggering.

Antifa “protestors” get heavy police protection at Sturgis’s annual biker rally.  The annual biker rally at Sturgis, South Dakota, started this past Friday, where the 10-day event is expected to draw about 250 thousand.  Yep, that’s a bunch of bikers.  “Bikers” generally lean toward politically conservative and are highly patriotic.  So when a small group of Antifa fascists came to visit (for whatever reason), the Antifas had to be saved by the local police.  The bikers were commendably well-behaved.  Police officers protected the Antifas and escorted them away safely.  I couldn’t help thinking that the “defund-the-racist-police” movement of the Antifa but, well, the irony was dripping.

The Washington Post honors dead Islamic terrorist.  It’s hard to make this up, but the most recent Post obituary had a column on an Iraqi terrorist.  The headline read, “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, an austere religious scholar at the helm of Islamic State, dies at 48.”  Baghdadi was killed last year in a U.S. raid.  The Post article says that when al-Baghdadi first rose as a leader of ISIS (one of the most brutal terrorist organizations in the world), he was an “austere religious scholar with wire-frame glasses and no known aptitude for fighting and killing.”  Well, I guess that changed.  Ironic?

Black Lives Matter advocates looting.  Journalists are heavily biased against many U.S. institutions from the military to the police.  They have also airbrushed Black Lives Matter (a racist, neo-Marxist organization) that may soon be designated as a domestic terrorist group.  A week ago, there was horrific looting and violence in the city.  No respectable organization could defend such rampant criminality.  But not the Chicago BLM.  Its leader said, “The [Chicago] mayor clearly has not learned anything since May, and she would be wise to understand that he people will keep rising up until the [Chicago Police Department] is abolished…”  I hope the BLM doesn’t need police protection soon.


Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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16 thoughts on “Clearing the Spindle: Oh, the Irony

  1. Willie Shrumburger

    Excellent post today. I’ve been reading more and more on this Antifa (anti-fascist) group. I’m a bit surprised that they haven’t yet been designated as a terrorist group. Same for BLM. It must be political because I see mayors in Democratic (the political party) actually encouraging them to riot and loot.

    1. Kenny Foster

      And something should be done about the politicians who support this violence.

  2. Dennis Mathes

    Good list and interesting. YES, I agree….. the Irony is dripping.

  3. Harry Donner

    Gen. Satterfield, good that you put in the info from the Washington Post. Not many would have recognized that they honored one of the worst terrorists in the world. How fitting. Too many ignorant folks from the US to actually tell them how stupid they were. I’m glad you pointed it out.

  4. Lynn Pitts

    BLM advocates looting. Well, that is obvious. And, yet so many large corporations are giving them money…what’s with that? How ignorant! There is a lesson in this somewhere. I would suggest, IMHO, that Gen. Satterfield do a deeper dive on the reasons and lessons from it.

    1. José Luis Rodriguez

      I’m with you on this Lynn. Perhaps it would be best if we actually read what they say they stand for. One of those things is “get rid of racists police.” How very uninformed. BLM members are themselves racists. What gives?

  5. old warrior

    Oh, the IRONY of the Antifa (racists, fascists, Marxist) group. Too funny that they had to depend upon the police for protecting their butts when things went south. They are the dumbest people on earth. A bunch of leftists who have no idea what the real world is like; probably on drugs too. They need one of those old fashioned ass wuppins.

    1. Greg Heyman

      Too much too keep me from laughing. Thank you old warrior for pointing out that these spoiled brats need a good spankin’. They’ve been pampered too much. I’m surprised they showed up at all. Must have been a drug-induced decisiion. I would like to hear more about why they thought they could get away with something so stupid.

    2. Eric Coda

      Lovin’ the stupidity. Pass the popcorn! I’m just sitting back and waiting for the stupid liberals to get their ass kicked.

  6. Stacey Borden

    Great series, thx. I recommend that you do this every Friday or at least once a week to pull us into what’s happening that you, Gen. Satterfield, consider important.

    1. Dead Pool Guy

      Keep it up, Gen. Satterfield. I agree with Stacey that a regular feature of Clearing the Spindle would be appreciated. I love your leadership website. Any new feature always seems to grab my attention. Remember that you have to be both logical and appeal to the emotion as well.


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