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By | January 4, 2023

[January 4, 2023]  Growing up in America’s Deep South in the 1950s and 60s, I was told the way to a good life, to be a real man, and contribute to our community, was to get a respectable job out of High School.  Go to work!  Be respectable!  My dad said that college is not worth the expense and takes you away from us.  And while I do not agree with most of this thinking, I do agree that going to college today does not benefit the community.  My advice is don’t go to college.

“One of the most damaging messages of educational romanticism has been that everyone should go to college.” – Charles Murray, a social scientist at American Enterprise Institute

That’s right, don’t go to college.  There are far better ways to make yourself useful and have a good life.  And college is not for everyone anyway.  I write this with a bit of trepidation.  Personally, I went to college and earned several advanced degrees.  College helped make me a better person but only so much as it was a foot in the door to becoming an Army Officer.  The Army truly made me who I am today, not college.

The only legitimate college degrees I support today are in the STEM fields and medicine; that’s it.  Sadly, those entering these fields must overcome many “woke,” anti-American, pro-victimization hurdles.  The ideology found in nearly every college is profoundly worthless educationally, and the social and psychological cost is staggering.

Don’t go to college.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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34 thoughts on “Don’t Go to College

  1. Walter Vernon

    Enjoyed this article very much as this topic has been on my mind recently after reading an article about businesses not requiring college degrees for employment. The idea is to hire young people who have solid job skills and/or the ability to learned quickly. I know young people who can’t afford college cost and feel less of a person if they can’t get into college. Our society and educators need to change this perception and know that college is not the only route to life success. College simply is not for everyone. We need to really push the concept of comprehensive high schools as we have here in NJ. I will admit that my route to college was a long road march . I was blessed by the GI Bill and persistence to get several degrees and commissioned as an army officer.

    1. Greek Senator

      Could not get better advice. Better to not have these skills than be indocrinated by Marxism.

  2. Plato

    Don’t go to college. Best advice I’ve ever gotten anywhere. But I already graduated. If I had to do it over, I’d not go to college.

  3. Obama Cash

    OUCH, Gen. s once again tells it like it is. Our advanced education system is corrupt beyond redemption. Soon, this whole affair with the lie that success can be achieved only thru college is going to collapse.

  4. DocJeff

    As a university professor, I say YES. Don’t go to college. Do something that has value. There are a number of colleges our there that are worth attending like Hillsdale College. But very few like this exist. The rest just are there to sap your money.

  5. Lady Hawk

    I never went to college and did well in life. And my family never went either. And we are all well-adjusted adults, married, with kids, great jobs, a house and cars, and good clothes. Most of all we have great friends, are church going, and are living the way we want. So, Don’t go to College. Best advice ever.

  6. Anya B.

    “Don’t go to college.” Yep, I say this is the best advice that Gen. Satterfield has given in a long time. If you go to college, well most colleges and universities anyway, you will come out thinking you’re a victim of life despite living in the best of times in the entire history of humankind.

  7. The Observer

    Wow, Gen. Satterfield is down pretty hard to college. But college is not for everyone.

  8. Emma Archambeau

    I agree with Gen. Satterfield. In my local town there is a small 2-year community college. They are losing thousands of students per year. And they blame it on the government. Maybe they should take a look at the garbage they are teaching.

  9. Bernie

    Chemistry was what I got two degrees in and have succeeded in life. But it was an a$$ kicker degree. Only a few graduated from those who started.

  10. Eye Cat

    To put the kind of money for a water down degree in soft “science” programs is ludicrous. The campuses are training grounds for future misguided liberals. They have been hijacked by the left and they aren’t going to let go. As long as your kid goes into major debt by getting a student loan, these universities don’t give a rats patooty about the debt being incurred by you.

  11. Nick Lighthouse

    Don’t believe the lie that you must go to college to be successful in life.

    1. Otto Z. Zuckermann

      Only dumb people go to college (except STEM and Med).

      1. Greg Heyman

        Got that right, Otto. You are really dumb as a parent, let’s not forget them for what they are subjecting their children to. Now, some who are whacko libs do this on purpose to destroy the minds of their kids, others are smart enough do actually consider alternatives. But let me say that there are alternative schools where this is not the case.

  12. Max Foster

    In many cases, the cost is much more than the benefits. And our country certainly needs more professional carpenters, electricians, and so on. These jobs pay well and you can pick up a career without much or any expense. Then, you can begin your life without large debt. Most college ed today is nothing but liberal propaganda. Ridiculous and horribly overpriced! Very few graduate from public schools within four years.

    1. Doug Smith

      An examination of how America’s colleges have become an intellectual hell on Earth for anyone who wishes to think rationally and seek truth and wisdom, as well as a plan for how young citizens can claim and safeguard the learning and heritage to which they are entitled.

      1. Liz at Home

        I think I’ll get a copy as soon as I finish reading Gen. Satterfield’s book “55 Rules for a Good Life” which, BTW, doesn’t say go to college anywhere in it.

  13. Fred Weber

    There was once a time when college (or the university – I lump them together for this argument) added value to our society and community but because of the lie that we must go to college to be successful in life, we are all being dragged down by neo-Marxism that now is 100% taken them over.

    1. KenFBrown

      If you go to college and don’t have a very specific, job waiting on the other end, and have little resistance to propaganda and susceptible to easy persuasion, then you are SCREWED. You will come out the other end worse off than when you entered college.

      1. Idiot Savant

        Yes, STEM degree or medical degree, that’s it. All else today is fluff and worthless, less than worthless. Esp. English degrees or Gender studies degrees.

        1. Audrey

          There are others too but these are just examples. You can learn to be a chef in college but there are alternatives to learning to be a chef.


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