International Hero: Javier Milei

By | February 25, 2024

[February 25, 2024]  Javier Milei is Argentina’s hero, and I will add that he is also an International hero.  Why?  He has single-handedly turned around the social and economic fortunes of Argentina and shown the world that the insidious Woke/Progressive/Leftist modern ideologies are inherently destructive and morally unfair.

As Argentina’s new President, he has embarked on a one-man crusade to pull his country out of its downward spiral.  He is showing the world the terrible human cost of the neo-Marxism that pervades so much in South America.  Recently, for example, he traveled to the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting recently to slam Wokeism as a dirty, evil, insidious ideology that destroys everything in its path except for the country’s elites who love it.

President Milei is a strong and competent leader whom the Western World desperately needs.  He came to power, promising to fix Argentina’s flailing economy.

“If a country is lacking in reputation, as is unfortunately the case with Argentina, business will not invest until they see a fiscal readjustment, bringing it up.  And, no less important, for gradualism, it is necessary that there is financing.  And unfortunately, I have to tell you again that there is no money.  Therefore, the conclusion is that there is no other alternative to adjustment, and there is no other alternative to shock.  Naturally, this will have a negative impact on the level of activity, employment, real wages, and the number of poor.” [translation]

He goes on to describe that Argentina will have to suffer in the short term to overcome the decades of mismanagement.

“We did not seek nor do we want the hard decisions that will be taken in the coming weeks.  But unfortunately, we have been left with no choice.  However, our commitment to Argentina is unchangeable.  We are going to make all the necessary decisions to fix the problems caused by 100 years of waste by the political class, even if it is going to be hard at first.   Therefore, following such a situation, there can be no doubt that the only possible option is an adjustment, an orderly adjustment that comes down with its full weight on the state and not to the private sector.”  [translation]

 Milei has stuck to his promises, unlike most politicians who talk a good game but stay on the sidelines when it comes time for tough action, or they will slyly work against their constituents.

Argentine President Javier Milei shows us how conservatives win elections.  Globalist Woke politicians should be afraid of him, very afraid.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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18 thoughts on “International Hero: Javier Milei

  1. Eddie Gilliam

    Excellent article on leadership. A leader see a needed and create things to address the problem. Moses was a great leader none by many as one of the greatest leader for his leading over thousands Israelites out of Egypt during the unfair treatment of his people. HE was instructed by God to tell Pharaoh let my people go. Moses obeyed God to help them cross the Red Sea on dry ground. Moses obeyed God in the wildness on the Mount Sinai to write the 10 Commandments. The commandment are laws that governs our behavior with God and each other. They were critical because when you live in a social environment you can pick up the habits or gods of your environment. Moses was the humble. He was called one of the meekest person in the Bible
    Meek or humble is a critical character for a leader. MEEK is not WEEKNESS.
    The greatest of all times(GOAT) leader is JESUS. His feed the 5 thousands with loafs of bread and 2 fish; health the bind; raised the dead (Larius); heal lady with issue of blood for 12 years. calm the windy sea and walked on water. A good leader listen to his followers . A good leader gives and not take.
    A good leader leads by example.

  2. The Observer

    Javier Milei is well on the way to achieving the unthinkable: putting an end to a century of collectivist decline. If he is successful in getting rid of the “caste” so he can turn Argentina around, the ideological and political impact throughout the region will be enormous — even more so because he and other free-market advocates have already achieved a lasting change in the mentality and values of millions of young people by replacing collectivist and statist ideas with notions of individual responsibility and freedom.

    1. Frank Graham

      If you can’t beat him (and you can’t) then join him. The world should join him in his effort to stomp out corruption and government largesse.

  3. Bryan Z. Lee

    This guy Javier Milei is going to set the leftist world on fire as he proves that a conservative ideology wins out over leftists stupid policies every single time.

  4. Otto Z. Zuckermann

    The world will start to love president Javier Milei once it becomes stupid obvious that he is fixing the economy of Argentina and he will be known as the international hero who destroyed political corruption in his country. Now is the time for all citizens of all countries to vote to end political corruption.

    1. The Toad

      Otto and others here in Gen. Satterfield’s leadership forum, I agree. And I want to add that anyone who calls this man a “radical right winger” is missing the point. The man is out to fix the corruption. Socialists/communists/progressives/radical leftists all only can live off corruption. That is sad but so very true.

  5. Ayn Jālūt

    God Bless, General Satterfield and Argentina’s president Javier Milei.

  6. ijore

    🇦🇷 Good for Argentina. 🇦🇷
    They desperately needed a president who was not corrupt like they’ve had for the past century. Just like America’s corrupt Joe Biden and his crime family, we all need to throw out the dogs and get real men in as leaders. Those willing to do the hard work required and not just give their relatives jobs and money from the taxpayers and Chinese.

    1. Len Jakosky

      Who would have known. Ha Ha. Great man and true, International Hero of the people. What I love is that he HATES wokeism.

      1. Eduardo Sanchez

        Larga vida a Javier 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

      2. Kerry

        A great man steps onto the International Stage and the globalists hate him. Go figure.


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