Israel Rescues Four Hostages: the Response

By | June 10, 2024

[June 10, 2024]  This past Saturday, Israeli forces freed four hostages held by Hamas during a raid into a central Gazan “refugee camp.”  A New York Post story details much of the operation and its audaciousness and brilliance.   Any average person would consider this rescue fantastic news and an excellent example of good overcoming evil.

But that was not the expected response.  Several prominent Western and American news outlets and the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza called the operation “brutal and barbaric.”  They railed against the death toll on Hamas fighters and “innocent civilians.”  The IDF acknowledged that civilians were killed in the fighting while placing blame on Hamas for holding hostages in a civilian refugee camp.

As Americans, we need to ask ourselves whether we would support America sending our men into hostile territory to rescue hostages held by terrorists.  Under President Joe Biden, I don’t believe we would.  Today, in our military, there is a greater concern about Trans-Soldiers’ rights and correct pronoun usage than training the kind of real men needed to take the fight to terrorists.

I see this rescue as incredible and heart-warming.  Still, America, under Biden, would have abandoned these victims in a sick and demented form of pandering to the radical anti-Semites that control the Democrat Party.  By turning the Hamas terrorists into victims of Israeli occupation and oppression, the radical leftist propaganda machine has been demented but successful.

I am not the only one to say that this raid into the heart of Hamas-held Gazan territory echoes the Entebbe raid in 1976.  Heroes abound in the IDF; only evil resides in Hamas and their supporters.

Arnon Zamora was the Israeli commander killed in the operation.  JNS reports that Israel will rename yesterday’s rescue mission Operation Arnon in his honor.  The headline on Emanual Fabian’s Times of Israel account takes off from there: “‘Operation Arnon’: How four hostages were freed from Hamas captivity in central Gaza.”


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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18 thoughts on “Israel Rescues Four Hostages: the Response

  1. Abu'l Faḍl ابوالفضل

    When the time comes for real men, hard men of skill and determination, to go and target terrorists and anyone wishing to do us harm, then call upon the special training forces like the IDF or elite forces in America. They will get the job done. No pussy footing around or given the terrorists quarter, they will kill them. And killing those who would do harm or the terrible things done by Hamas and their supporters, we cannot kill them often enough. Time for Israel and the world to utterly destroy Gaza and scatter their people throughout the Islamic world and ban them from ever leaving.

  2. Rev. Michael Cain

    Please continue to pray for the return of the remaining hostages. 🙏

  3. Ron C.

    From the less free Canada, congratulations to the IDF and other forces that conducted the rescue. I salute you, the IDF.

    1. Gil Johnson

      Ron C. Like the US, it takes time to recover from morons who run the government. I know that Trudeau and Biden will both go down in history as some of the worst leaders ever in the 21st century. Now, what we want is someone who can lead us out of this problem. But more important, we need to find out who put them into power and remind those idiots every day that we know they are the cause of all our misery.

  4. Jonnie the Bart

    HOORAY that more hostages are rescued. Hamas has no intention of giving them up. Because if they do give them up, they have zero bargaining power and they know it.

  5. Willie Strumburger

    “I see this rescue as incredible and heart-warming. Still, America, under Biden, would have abandoned these victims in a sick and demented form of pandering to the radical anti-Semites that control the Democrat Party. By turning the Hamas terrorists into victims of Israeli occupation and oppression, the radical leftist propaganda machine has been demented but successful.” – Gen. Doug Satterfield nails the point home with this quote. The Democrat Party has gone radical and anyone who stands in their way will be subject to being put into jail, and without trial. Keep the faith and never vote for a Democrat ever again in your life if you want to be a good person.

    1. Erik Pettersen

      If there are any “good” people left in the Democrat Party, then please get out now. Evil stalks their words and deeds and this evil will get you too.

  6. Max Foster

    Scott Johnson at PowerLineBlog (that Gen. Satterfield follows closely) offers the recollections of Amir Ofer, one of the rescuers of the hostages in Entebbe. Most of the text requires a click to the tweet. See it in his article with links to the original post.
    This man put himself above others and deserves us remembering him. We also must forget the Hamas terrorists after they are dead, for they are, themselves, worthless in our eyes.

    1. Watson Bell

      Thanks Max for the reference and indeed we must remember those soldiers and men who put their lives on the line for a profound good. And however, I disagree we should forget the Hamas terrorists. We should forever remember them and their supporters, like we remember Hanoi Jane, Jane Fonda, who is a traitor to America when she supported the Communist North Vietnam. She is a traitor and I and my friends will always remember her.

      1. OJ to Hell

        Watson, right! 👍
        Never ever forget the traitors to our country and Jane Fonda is Number 1.
        Jane Fonda will burn in HELL.

        1. Pooch T.

          OJ to Hell …. correct … and I like your sign “OJ to HELL” because he is in Hell for the double murder.

  7. Raw Hide

    Very good article, Gen. Satterfield to show respect to the IDF and continuing to show the evil of Hamas and their evil supporters.


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