Pentagon Mixes Up PTSD with Pride Month

[June 9, 2024]  At least we know their priorities.  The Pentagon screwed up their PTSD Awareness campaign with their fawning Pride Month posting on social media.  In a recent article in FoxNews, it was written that the Department of Defense “made an embarrassing error on social media.”  Ya think!  FoxNews might have chosen a better adjective.

In the Pentagon’s haste to be everything to everybody and to offend no one, they dorked themselves when they posted “Celebrate Pride Month 2024” on an X post on PTSD Awareness.  Alas, you cannot hide on the Internet.  See the reaction from patriotic veterans (link to the X post here).

The DoD was being roasted for their mistake, and rightly so.  The DoD should not be in the business of celebrating anything, especially Pride Month.  Their job is protecting our country.

Ten of the popular comments were:

  • That LGBG stuff is giving me PTSD.
  • Took you long enough to fix that … but it also wouldn’t surprise me AT ALL that this DoD is much more worried about multiple posts on Pride Month the second it’s June than they are about PTSD …
  • I’ve got PTSD from having LQBTQ propaganda shoved in my face for the same month.
  • The only PTSD I’m getting is from your constant gay posting.
  • Isn’t this really the Department of Groomers?
  • Think I know a big reason you are missing recruitment goals.
  • Oh, how nice that you fixed this post. Tell me, how many equity hires were fired over your initial screw-up?  Gosh … I REALLY miss the days when DEI stood for Dignity, Excellence, and Integrity.
  • Hey @Apple, you made sure to add Pride Month as a US Holiday on my calendar and remind me every 5 minutes, but managed to skip PTSD awareness month.
  • The irony of ptsd and lgbt month being the same month is kinda priceless.
  • Wow, so you focused on EVIL first and the put this up because people mentioned it. Shame on you.  This should be the focus and the United States, not sin.

And, my all-time favorite.

  • The Internet is Forever!

This “mistake” isn’t just blatant disregard for our Veterans; it is intentional.  Ah, they will claim they did not mean to offend our Veterans, secretly thinking it was just a bonus.


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17 thoughts on “Pentagon Mixes Up PTSD with Pride Month

  1. Melo in Chicgo

    Such a shame how far our military has fallen and our senior leaders in the Department of Defense, and the downstream organizations like the Veterans Administration. Gen. Satterfield is just scratching the surface with this article because the corruption in the DoD and VA is so deep that it will take years to ferret it out. We need to completely gut both organizations and restock with good folks who care about America and not about lining their own pockets with money taken from the taxpayer. I can only hope that the people of America wake up to the terrible things being done to us and to our veterans.

  2. Xerces II

    I like how Gen. Satterfield ended this article: This “mistake” isn’t just blatant disregard for our Veterans; it is intentional. Ah, they will claim they did not mean to offend our Veterans, secretly thinking it was just a bonus. 😎

    1. Gibbbie

      Xerces II, gotta agree with you on this one. I’m glad that Gen. Satterfield highlighted just another mistake of our government, albeit a very small mistake on X, formally Twitter. Some have suggested that this mistake is really not a mistake but exposes the real priorities of our government. I’m not so sure. But the real decline in health care given our veterans is real because there is great spending on salaries of administrators than on our vets. Sad.

      1. DaveV

        I agree with you both and Gen. Satterfield that the problem with our govt is that they no longer care about America but care only about their power over us, because they believe the average American is too stupid to know what is good for us. They believe they are superior to us. And that folks is the definition of EVIL.

  3. Jeff Blackwater

    This is just another example of the direction our government is taking. We need a real leader in the White House but that is not going to happen anytime soon enough for me.

  4. Yiddy of Macedonia

    My favorite — Isn’t this really the Department of Groomers?

  5. Tom Bushmaster

    Stupid stuff happening with our government. Our untrustworthy government. 👎 Our government run by a man who cannot even stand for our veterans at Normandy when he embarrassed himself and America. I’m told he pooped his pants, how nuts is that. He had to have his Dr. Jill wife tell him what to do and lead him off the stage.

    1. Willie Strumburger

      Tom, this example that Gen. Satterfield is providing us, is just another example of how far our government has fallen with respect to what it can do or not do for our citizens. Remember President Lincoln’s quote … “To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan,” when he affirmed the government’s obligation to care for those injured during the war and to provide for the families of those who perished on the battlefield? Yeah, me too. But the Veterans Administration removed that quote from all their buildings because it didn’t include the queer and trans soldiers of the Civil War. We are living in a bazaar world now. Joe Biden can’t be kicked out of office fast enough. I know that he is not in charge anyway and everyone knows it. But it’s the suck ups that are really running the show and they need to be removed now but under Joe, nope, won’t happen.

  6. Doc Blackshear

    Indeed, we now know the Pentagon’s priorities … and it is not the average Joe Combat Vet.

  7. Chuck USA

    The XYZ community (not really a community) is getting special treatment from the Veterans Administration (see Arena’s comment below). But if you are just the run of the mill combat wounded soldier, then you are nobody and don’t really deserve any attention. Let’ s get our priorities straight, and only treat the weirdos and mentally ill, all who we at the VA will honor and bow down to.

    1. Army Captain

      I’ve already stopped going to the VA. Two years ago, they started to suck again.

      1. Navy Vet

        I’ve got to agree with you. As a veteran myself, the medical care has really fallen. Not that the doctors and nurses are bad, altho some are, but that the administrtaive part of the VA is reallly anti-veteran, unless you fall into one or another of their preferred categories like this LGBTQI+ “community”. Not really the DoD, but the VA under the DoD.

      2. Pumpkin Spice

        Sir, that is sad and unfortuante that our real veterans are not being treated properly and we see from this “mixup” that the priorities of our own government is biased toward the mental sickos that are the LBTBQXYZ crazies.

        1. Kenny Foster

          OUCH …. tell us what you guys think! he he he he he heh

  8. Arena of Fools

    Duh, the VA, and this is really the dummies at the VA, can’t care about veterans unless they are part of the tiny minority who are the prized subgroup of subgroup who are currently in vogue.


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