WWII Memorial Dedication: 6 June 2024

[June 8, 2024]  One of the advantages of knowing some of the greatest Veterans this nation has ever produced is finding one who is retired from the U.S. Navy and can do a fantastic job as the Emcee.  Tom Lamine, a gentleman, Vietnam Veteran and fighter pilot, family man, and all-around great statesman, was that guy.  In Atlantic City, this past Thursday, on 6 June, the anniversary of D-Day, we were proud to dedicate a WWII Memorial.

My comments may sound a bit self-congratulatory, but our small team was able to secure Tom’s exceptional talent and turn the ceremony into a memorable event for everyone: young and old, veterans, supporters, the curious, and some homeless.  Conducted in a local park and run by Tom, the turnout was huge, and those I spoke to said they had a great time.  And we avoided the bad weather; lady luck was on our side that day for many reasons.

WWII Memorial Dedication, 6 June 2024

WWII Memorial Dedication, 6 June 2024, Atlantic City, NJ

Miraculously, there were a dozen WWII veterans present.  Two of these men were at D-Day on 6 June 1944.  One was a U.S. Navy coxswain who operated LST 510.  The other was in the fourth wave with the 90th Infantry Division.  The youngest was a Navy man, 97 years old.  One was about to turn 104.  They showed me that can-do attitude.

Our local newspaper, The Press of Atlantic City, carried the main article (link here, at this time, not behind a paywall).  A number of media also turned out to broadcast and record the event.  I believe there is nothing better than being present at this type of event.  But if you cannot be there, then the media helps.

I learned from helping out that it takes a strong team of dedicated, never-quit types of people, those with some talent and who will never take “no” or “it’s impossible” for an answer.  If you quit, you will never succeed.

Our WWII veterans never quit, either.  And we won the war.  Those are who we remember when we look at this new statue here in Atlantic City.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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13 thoughts on “WWII Memorial Dedication: 6 June 2024

    1. Lady Hawk

      For those new to Gen. Satterfield’s articles, it is always a good idea to check out any of the links he gives us. In this case, you get a great idea of the venue of this dedication. And Scotty has put up the link too. Then end of the article is where you will find the pictures that tell a great story. Go there and read “The Press of Atlantic City.” Despite so many newspapers turning into propaganda rags for the neo-Marxists in our country and siding with the anti-Americans, this article seems to be informative and pictures don’t lie (well, mostly). If Gen. Satterfield provided the link, i assume the article is a good one.

  1. Army Captain

    Gen. Satterfield, well done! it is always a pleasure to read about a success story in your articles. 👍

  2. Gilley the Brother

    Congratulations, Gen. Satterfield. Let your team know they did a great job. Also, very good media coverage.

  3. Jerome

    and we all must believe in the duty and devotion of our soldiers

    1. Willie Strumburger

      Jerome, you are right about that. No matter our politics, we should be honoring our service men and women. And also those men who came ashore on D-Day 80 years ago, and all those who fought in that terrible war. War is a terrible thing and there is no doubt about that. But there is something more terrible than war and those peoples of Europe who were under the boot of Nazi Germany knew exactly what I am writing about. And, too, those in China and Korea who were under the rule of Imperial Japan must also see the futility of having one country rule over another. that is why we have a military to prevent that from happening and if it does happen, then to fight to overthrow the conquerors.

  4. Karl J.

    Sir, you nailed it … “Our WWII veterans never quit, either. And we won the war. Those are who we remember when we look at this new statue here in Atlantic City.” – Gen. Doug Satterfield

  5. Pastor John 🙏

    🇺🇸 Excellent. congratulations on a successful dedication. And having those World War II veterans there was a special honor. 🇺🇸

  6. JT Patterson

    Gen. Satterfield. it is good to see that most folks still appreciate attending such ceremonies and are more interested in what the statues mean … and the good behind them … than tearing them down or removing them and our history, than learning from them and why they are there. Our Democrat Party in America panders to their radical leftwingers and jump up and remove statues like “ours” that you folks dedicated two days ago. I hope it stays in place for generations.

      1. Patriot Wife

        It continues to amaze me, more than anything else in my lifetime, why anyone would be interested in tearing down a statue in America. I have found them to be highly informative, if only we take a moment and read the inscriptions and learn a something about why they were put up in the first place. While I could not attend your event, I also want to congratulate Gen. Satterfield and all those who were part of building the statue and dedicating it to our World War 2 veterans.

  7. Army Vet

    Well done. I read in you local paper about it and saw the photographs. Must have been a great day and having all those WWII veterans there. Wow, what a special time for all.


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