Missed Opportunities, Hardly Tryin’

By | October 18, 2021

By guest blogger Sadako Red [see disclaimer]

[October 18, 2021]  Nothing is more galling than missing an obvious opportunity to do good or to succeed and we all know it.  We know it in our bones!  We know that to do so means a missed chance that will never show itself again.  I was once young and had my dreams smashed on the jagged outcrop of the shoreline of chance.  I wanted to be safe, secure, and have a future of certainly, guaranteed happiness, and the warm comfort of predictability.  Mistakes will be made when there is confusion of having a future at all and having a future I so desperately wanted.  It would take time for me to realize that missed opportunities might also give me another chance but only if I was on the lookout for it.  I was hardly tryin’.

A year ago, I was on President Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force (as a simple support staff member).  It was a difficult job, but it presented me with many opportunities and with an occasional disappointment.  Why disappointment?  Simple, I would not take the chance to act upon what any ordinary fearless man would have jumped on.  I had fear in my heart and hesitation in my head.  People around me encouraged me to take flight and go to where those greatest prospects were located (in the Department of Justice).  I deferred, I acquiesced, I equivocated, and I was outright timid.  Like so many Americans, I was not up to the task. But, there is a difference in me and those who would whine and complain about their lot in life; I did not blame my circumstance on someone else or some unseen evil force.  I missed it because I also knew that to succeed would require real work, really hard work and I didn’t want more responsibility or unpredictability.

Like so many of our political leaders who have taken it upon themselves to blame others for their personal failures, I too was remiss in my duties.  Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden are the epitome of a leader who has missed an opportunity.  They fail to see that their birthright is to do good for our country but they have consciously chosen to be the rehearsed anti-American.  Surely they would put their actions into the light of patriotism, ugh maybe.  Yet, I’m a patriot and I know a false patriot when I see one.  They are false patriots, evil to the core because they are in the game of leadership for personal reward.  That is what distinguishes them from those who are great.  None of them will ever be recorded in history as great leaders but will be counted among those who did what they did for themselves; screw everyone else.

The corrupt politician stereotype has been around for centuries; these three will see for what they are; hacks, shuckters, snake oil salesmen, those on the lookout for an easy mark while enriching themselves.  They became rich on the average man’s back.  They cheated, swindled, and lied their way to the top.  There is one huge difference that I will highlight.  They failed to take the missed opportunities of good and have thrown their lot in with the Devil.  Don’t believe me?  Then watch them over the next year and tell me I’m wrong.

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Author: Sadako Red

Author: Sadako Red Disclaimer: I chose the pen name Sadako Red in order to remove any notoriety reflecting on my other real job as a very senior executive in the Department of Defense. Naturally, my opinion is my opinion only and despite DoD wanting to associate with my fine work, they cannot have it. Trust me, they want it. Trust me, they can’t stand for it.

22 thoughts on “Missed Opportunities, Hardly Tryin’

  1. Don Snow

    Another great article from my favorite guest writer, Sadako Red. Hey Red, more articles are okay with me. Another great one day. I read it three times just to make sure I got what you were saying.

  2. DocJeff

    For those new to Gen. Satterfield’s blog, Sadako Red has been one of his oldest writers ….. from the beginning I do believe. Click on one of his articles and you get hard-hitting info and analysis. Good analysis too, not just some commie-come-now dribble you get on the evening “news.”

  3. Emma Archambeau

    Another home run for Mr. Red. I’m fairly new to this leadership blog by Gen. Satterfield. I’m not young but quite old. I live with my daughter who works in Baltimore City and we both love much of what the city was, in the past. We deplore what is happening now. Sadako Red has written much about the city and he is correct about it’s deterioration. They political hacks and sycophants are running the place and they are all vying for political power for themselves. The “little people” like you and me are screwed with them gaining power. What morons would vote for them? They promise free goodies and those morons think it is really free.

    1. Plato

      Too bad for the fall of a once great city. Sadako Red is now branching out a bit to be a little like Plato.

  4. Georgie B.

    Great to see you back on Gen. Satterfield’s leadership blog. Hey Red, keep up the great work you are doing. I’m a long time fan.

  5. Jake Tapper, Jr.

    Hi Sadako Red, thank you for another fine article ….. I’m always waiting for your special way of biting humor.

  6. Greg Heyman

    I’m one of RED’s biggest fans since the beginning of his career writing in this blog by Gen. Satterfield. I have all his articles printed and in a folder on my bookshelf. I occasionally read them over just to get a quick pick-me-up when I think of the destruction being wrought upon the United States by our political (me me me me) class. Those tyrants in waiting are gunning for us, so watch your back.

  7. Watson Bell

    Contrast this article by Red with other guest writers and you will find that Red is hitting the ball out of the ballpark consistently. The others are small by comparison, except maybe for Army Vet, “Jelly” and Mr. Kennedy. Hey Gen. Satterfield, please give Red more space to write.

    1. American Girl

      Yes, he is right too about Shumer, Pelosi, and Biden. They are all in for themselves. But I will take this one step further; they are in it for their “tribe.” The Democrat Party. Screw everyone else. Power for all them and the scraps for the rest of us.

      1. Laughing Monkey

        Yeah, good points American Girl. Thanks for making my day. Glad to have you as a regular contributor to this leadership forum.

      2. lydia truman

        American girl, great to read your comment today. I agree. There is indeed evil and great leaders know it when they see it and are also able to communicate their foresight.

  8. rjsmithers

    Sadako Red, you are the greatest and thank you for your on-target article. I hope you continue to contribute to this blog by Gen. Doug Satterfield and make us, once again, THINK about what is good and what is evil. I find that many of our politicians today cannot distinguish between good and evil and that is a huge shame.

  9. Tony B. Custer

    Once again, RED has done it with his hard strike on the intellectually stupid, those very same folks who believe they are god’s gift to the human race but are some of the most evil on the planet. And, yet, they cannot “see” themselves (as Gen. Satterfield puts it).

    1. Willie Strumburger

      Wow, you got that right, Tony. That is the most damning of comments I’ve read in a long time.

    2. Randi Jamison

      Got that right, Tony … hey Tony … keep those comments coming our way.

        1. Eddie Ray Anderson, Jr.

          Hey, Sadako Red, thanks for today’s article and for replying to us. We are HUGGGGEEEEE fans of yours.


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