Ebola: Is World Leadership Up to Stopping It?

By | October 3, 2014

[October 03, 2014] The recent news that a citizen of Liberia West Africa carrying Ebola made it into the United States without being stopped and then discharged from a Texas hospital says much about the poor disease screening procedures worldwide. If the U.S. can’t get it right, how do we expect others with fewer resources to do better?… Read More »

Hero: Charles Whittlesey

By | October 2, 2014

[October 02, 2014] During World War I, on October 02, 1918, a true American hero gallantly led his men in the Argonne Forest offensive. Attorney by trade before the war, Major Charles Whittlesey was the uncompromising commander of what became known as the “Lost Battalion.” Major Whittlesey’s battalion was so named because shortly after his unit crossed into… Read More »

Military Issue: Illegal Immigrants Can Join

By | September 30, 2014

[September 30, 2014] New policies at the U.S. Department of Defense, initiated by the Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, have caused some controversy in military ranks. The real problem at the Pentagon is how to reduce the combat force by over 20 percent and still protect the United States and allies while worldwide threats are increasing. Now comes… Read More »

Why Veterans Fail in College

By | September 29, 2014

[September 29, 2014] Bill and Joanne were married after high school, joined the U.S. military for education benefits, deployed to Afghanistan, served honorably, and finally were able to enroll in Mississippi State University after their four-year tour in the Army. The problem? They both failed out of their first year of academic studies despite being provided with tutoring,… Read More »

Leader Trends: Can We Mentor?

By | September 28, 2014

[September 28, 2014] All senior military leaders I know today were taught early in their careers that a key component of being successful officers was based on their ability to teach, coach, and mentor. The question that is being asked of many junior leaders today is, “Can we mentor?” In other words, can we effectively ensure that those… Read More »

Characteristic# 74: Controlled Obsession

By | September 25, 2014

[September 25, 2014] My great aunt Marie was running her hairdresser shop across the street from the Little Rock Central High School on this day in 1957 when she was surprised by reporters from ABC and NBC. They had come to witness the standoff between the State of Arkansas and soldiers from the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division.… Read More »

U.S. Leadership and Syria

By | September 24, 2014

[September 24, 2014] The latest news out of the Middle East is that U.S. President Obama ordered airstrikes and missile attacks inside the country of Syria. Those attacks are on Islamic terror groups and have occurred mainly in the northern area not controlled by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Recall that Syria is in the middle of a civil… Read More »