Study: U.S. Military is NOT Full of Extremists

By | January 5, 2024

[January 5, 2024]  In December 2021, The Pentagon issued new guidelines to root out extremists in the U.S. military.  At the time, President Joe Biden, the Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and other high-ranking officials warned us that “white supremacy” and “violent extremism” were rampant in our military ranks and destroying our combat readiness.  Now we know that was a lie (see the complete study here at this link).

More than two years later, after a full investigation by an independent think tank, the Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA), it was found that there was “no evidence that the number of violent extremists in the military is disproportionate.”  The results of this study are no surprise for anyone who has spent time in the military.  Of course, the news of this study was not publicly discussed by those who made those baseless claims.

Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of American military culture or being a recent Veteran knows this smear was untrue.  To add insult to injury, a highly decorated American General and the President of the United States made that claim.  The results of the study are clear: the smear that our servicemembers are violent extremists was a lie perpetuated by the media, high-ranking Generals/Admirals, and many politicians.

Such unfounded accusations are a product of a progressive ideology pervasive in many leaders today: political, military, business, and academia.  This level of ignorance disrespects all our servicemembers and our nation.  Another false narrative is put to rest.

Our military is owed an apology, but we will never see it.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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25 thoughts on “Study: U.S. Military is NOT Full of Extremists

  1. Kenya

    I see from the “Daily Favorites” that Lloyd Austin had a voluntary medical procedure and failed to alert the president of the US. I wonder if it was sex reassignment surgery. He certainly was not successful as a man. This is the same ‘girlie’ man that accused our military of being full of “violent white supremists.”

  2. Eddie Gilliam

    Leadership when making a comment based on what they believed was happening. It is okay to say i was wrong with my accessment. Racism is a worldwide issue. To be honest we all are Racist. Why. Racism defines by prejudice toward a institution or group
    of people. Black are prejudice to blacks. White are prejudice to whites. PREJUDICE is pre judge. Saying goes you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Prejudice happened to me during my service. I were was in school for leadership training as a team leader. Topic was prejudice. She says how many people love watermelon. Me being from the south raised my hand. Another student from the south who was Black also did not raise his hand. I said “what”. You don’t like melons. No. So you see I prejudged him.

  3. AJ the Whirl Wind

    Wow, about time. I’m a Navy vet from the 1990s and we need people to speak out against those who would attempt to destroy us.

  4. The Kid

    Much like today’s article on supporting our LEOs, there is a coordinated attack on police and military both at their leadership level and at the lowest level where the action takes place. These attacks are coming from America’s rich elites who would want to destroy the very thing that allowed them to be rich. That is what is so frustrating. And this is why Joe Biden, Mark Milley, Lloyd Austin and other senior leaders have done everything they can to trash the reputation of the US military.

    1. Bryan Z. Lee

      It should come as no surprise but “trust” in our military and LEO institutions is on the decline in America. Thank you Democrat Party for doing everything you can to destroy us and promote debauchery, criminality, and stupidity.

      1. mainer

        Right and I’m glad someone like Gen. Satterfield is speaking on this topic and pushing back against those who would slander of soldiers.

  5. Otto Z. Zuckermann

    It is disgusting what they did to make false accusations against our military. Glad they were proven wrong.

  6. American Girl

    The American military has been feminized (to use Gen. Satterfield’s term for it) and Mark Milley, Lloyd Austin, Joe Biden, Kamalllaaa Harris, and the ilk that slinks around the White House are the major instigators. TRUMP 2024!

      1. Pumpkin Spice

        American Girl and you gals speak the truth and the truth is something our country needs more of today. We have a bunchy of sissy girls running America (names mentioned by American Girl) but many more and they think they are the smart ones in the room. They are simply out of their depth and the Peter Principle is in full force here. Let never stop telling them how horrible and evil they are. No matter if it doesn’t work, at least they know we are ALL unhappy and dissatisfied with their failed leadership.

  7. Robo Cop II

    Thank you, Gen. Satterfield for another spot on article. We are more educated here than in the newspaper. God Bless our military, first responders, and free citizens.

  8. Hellen Keller

    Finally this issue is put to rest BUT not after the damage is already done. But that was the original point anyway. When a senior leader makes a claim, we give them the benefit of the doubt because of their experience and authority. But when they are wrong, and fail to apologize and highly why, then they are just EVIL. Both these men need to be handcuffed and walked to jail in front of thousands of citizens they have harmed.

  9. Army Vet

    GOOD NEWS for our military.
    BAD NEWS for Pres Biteme and SECDEF Diversity hire Austin

  10. JT Patterson

    Another well-written, hard-hitting blog post from the mind of Gen. Satterfield. He is surely not afraid to name names. I see that Gen. S. really goes after senior military officers when they screw up and that is the right stance to take.

  11. ableist mas

    It is a sad state of affairs when powerful people make unfounded claims against our most valued institutions and then when proven wrong, they go silent. Biden and Austin should resign immediately for this. But they won’t because they are worthless leaders. I would not put either of them in charge of a potato chip stand.

    1. Delf "Jelly" Bryce

      For those new to these pages, or not paying attention, Gen. Satterfield is no fan of Austin. Gen. S. beleives that Austin is just a diversity hire and was promoted to 4-star for the same reason. Austin is clearly out of his depth and yet continues to make derogatory comments about the military being racist. Imagine that, he denounces those that work for him. Terrible and evil person. I agree with Gen. Satterfield.

      1. Boy Sue

        Hi “Jelly” , I hope you write more articles for us on the disgraced FBI.

        1. Under the Bridge

          Got that right. Oh, for those new to this blog, please get a copy of Gen. Satterfield’s books. You will not regret the decision. Now, I’ve written this before. I just want folks to get the opportunity to do something good for themselves and reading his books will do that, especially ’55 Rules for a Good life.’

          1. Martin Shiell

            ❤ I love Gen. Doug Satterfield’s books! ❤

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