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By | January 6, 2024

[January 6, 2024]  Kyle Reyes wrote about the stance law enforcement is currently taking regarding the enforcement of government “mandates.”  Mandates are essentially decrees and thus outside the formal legal authority of a government agency.  Mandates are not laws.  He has permitted me to post his recent comments in full from his LinkedIn account (original article here).  His article is a big-picture view of where Law Enforcement stands.  Read this!

This is a must-read for everyone who wants to know where Law Enforcement Today stands on everything from masks to other mandates – because you KNOW they’re coming!!

I was asked a simple question by an “official” recently: “If we see a return to lockdowns and mandates, I’m assuming Law Enforcement Today will play an active role in helping enforce them and ensure compliance, right?”

It’s not a complicated response.  I’ll sum it up in three simple words:

“Oh, HELL NO.”

Here’s the thing.  The last I checked, the oath that law enforcement and our veterans took was to the Constitution – not to the power-hungry politicians who are looking for every excuse in the world to take away your rights.

Repeat after me: Mandates aren’t laws.

And when “elected officials” pass “laws” in their state that are blatant violations of Constitutional rights, then those laws need to be immediately overturned.

We won’t forget when you told us we couldn’t see our dying relatives… but that we could take part in BLM riots.

 We won’t forget when you told us we couldn’t go to church, but we could go to the liquor store.

 We won’t forget when you taped off the playgrounds for our kids… and opened the dispensaries.

 We won’t forget when you called for the arrest of gym owners, but you let anarchists who torched police cars walk free.

 And so to sum it up, dear leaders – NO.  HELL NO.  The largest police news outlet in the world not only won’t “comply” with your requests to advance your anti-Constitutional agenda, but we will actively work to ensure that the good and faithful servants of this country are reminded daily about the values this country was founded upon.

 Any more questions?

 REPOST if you think others need to see that they’re not alone.


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20 thoughts on “Where Law Enforcement Stands

  1. Ron C.

    Wow, Kyle Reyes has really nailed it here …. I’m a new fan of his. Of course, I’ve always supported our men and women in Blue, so now I’m even more there. Our police need to be ready for another round of “mandates” that run against our democracy. Laws are one thing, unlawful mandates are another.

    1. Kenya

      Yes, indeed, Mr. Gilliam. This is something that Gen. Satterfield has been hinting at for a long time now, although his emphasis has been on the US military. What to do about it, is still a question that must be answered.

  2. Valkerie

    Mr. Kyle Reyes sure knows how to hammer a point home. Sometimes, there are stupid people that need it hammered home. General Satterfield, thank you for highlighting this good man.

    1. North of Austin

      I think it’s a bombshell, if you are not familiar with our LEs.

  3. Army Captain

    Sir, well done. Powerful. Straight forward. Strong words. That is what we need today. Someone who can make themselves clear without the mousey words that politicians use to try to convince us to vote for them, even when working against us. The police are for us because they are us. If I hurt Chuck Shumer’s feelings, then tough.

    1. Willie Strumburger

      Ha Ha Ha, the comment about Chuck Schumer is great but he is not the only one. But I will put out the idea that Democrats are all tyrant wannabes in the making. They loves new laws, altho they are not so great at enforcing them. Laws for them are for show except when their pet project comes along, like masking up and curfews. Easy to control us lemmings that way. The Democrat Party stands for the criminals because “we are superior to all Americans” and “know better than them.”

  4. Guns are Us

    ” And so to sum it up, dear leaders – NO. HELL NO. The largest police news outlet in the world not only won’t “comply” with your requests to advance your anti-Constitutional agenda, but we will actively work to ensure that the good and faithful servants of this country are reminded daily about the values this country was founded upon.” – Kyle Reyes …. ouch. Nailed it. Thank you, sir.

    1. Doc Blackshear

      Yes, and I also recommend reading his LinkedIn articles too. So don’t overlook them.

  5. Gibbbie

    I like what I’ve read here. Lots of great articles. The man is on a mission. Looks like he is working hard to pushback on the Defund the Police movement and the increases in disrespect that LEOs are experiencing more and more today. Like Gen. Satterfield, I stand with the police. And for the simple reason is that they are doing something noble by standing between us and those who would destroy us. thanks to all LEOs and wishing them and their families all the blessings in the world.

  6. Audrey

    Wow, well said, Mr. Kyle Reyes. I fully support our LEOs and all those who put their lives and livelihood on the line for us. ✔

    1. JT Patterson

      Thank u Audrey for writing what is needed. Yes, and in addition, I looked up his LinkedIn account to read more. Note he also has a Twitter/X account too.

      1. Audrey

        Thank you JT. It is easy to support those who do the hard job of serving and protecting us against the bad elements of society. And now we have Joe Biden’s directive to send illegal aliens into our cities and towns and it is up to us to deal with the fall out, and leaving him with a great sound bite and photo op. This is just how to destroy a country in one easy step. If you vote Democrat, you have a mental illness.

    2. Jerome Smith

      Yeah, exactly. Put this all into perspective, you might want to read Gen. Satterfield’s latest book “55 Rules for a Good Life” where he discusses pursuing noble goals in your life. Being an LEO is doing exactly that, and of course we should support all those who do so. Police are what helps us remain a stable, honest, and worthwhile society. Those places where the rule of law and LEOs are not respected are almost all Democrat Party cities and they are in decline in every measurable way.


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