Target gets their Own Boycott

[June 2, 2023]   It looks like the superstore Target failed to get the message from parents.  “Don’t mess with our kids.”  In support of Pride Month (was this just Pride Day recently), Target put displays of children’s wear in front of their stores that included a line from a Satan worshiper, including tuck-friendly girls’ swimsuits for boys.  You can’t make this stuff up.  The result?  Target gets its own boycott.

The sexualization of kids goes back a while now for Target, but only in the past couple of days has the pushback started to affect Target’s stock prices and sales.  I stopped shopping at Target when they allowed men into women’s restrooms.  This puts girls at risk from sexual predators, but in Target’s view, their gender ideology trumps little girls being molested.

Parents, in particular, are disgusted and letting their local Target management know about it.  There are also a few pickets in front of these stores to help raise awareness.  The ongoing boycott has legs and will not end well for Target.  Everyone here knows I don’t encourage boycotts because they can be a two-edged sword.  In t

Remember that any money you spend at Target funds attacks on children for “gender-affirming care” and other medically induced dysphoria problems.

Target’s leadership made a terrible decision, but they do not care.  Their gender ideology is their newest religion.  Let your voice be heard.  Write them letters and send copies to your local political representatives.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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17 thoughts on “Target gets their Own Boycott

  1. American Girl

    Patriots, keep up the boycott and send the message to Target and other stupid retailers that we don’t want you to groom our kids for kinky sex, gender ideology craziness, and other sinful conduct.

  2. New Erickson

    Target flooded its stores with merchandise created by Abprallen, which separately produces lines of Satanist-inspired clothing and “cheeky” apparel including a “Homophobe Headrest” shirt featuring a pink guillotine adorned with skulls and a pin with the words “Heteronormativity Is A Plague.”

    1. Max Foster

      A Bud Light man, I see. Nope. Target CEO has got to be nuts. Just look at what happened to Bud Light and its parent company InBeb.
      How to Fail: Bud Light Beer
      “The recent debacle over Bud Light’s leadership failure to address the growing controversy over their pandering to the woke and transgender crowd will be studied in college marketing courses for the next century. This is a classic case of how to fail.” – Gen. Satterfield
      Now add Target to the list.

      1. Aussie

        Good to see you back, Max. Yep, the crazies are out. Now is the time to send them a clear message. “We won’t take this crap from you.” Period. 😀 Cheers all.

  3. Eye Cat

    Target boycott search under Google gets 22 million hits. This says it all. Boycott Target. And for their evil ways, never go back.

  4. Idiot Savant

    Target stores will not get my money!

    1. Bryan Z. Lee

      You got that right IS. Too many wimps out there and groomers (coming mostly from liberal white females who are college educated but actually have zero common sense.

      1. Julia

        Bryan, I’m in full agreement with you. I have a neighbor exactly like you describe. And she is a banshee neighbor who yells and screams at my kids all the time for just playing in our yard. The woman (not a lady) is a horrible person to be around. i really feel sorry for her husband.

  5. Unwoke Dude

    Stand up for the children who are being attacked today. If you do not take a stand, then expect to be part of the evil. Failure to speak up means you are not part of the human race. The Satanists (and this is no joke) are operating Target stores. Never go there. Never buy any of their Chinese made products.

  6. Georgie B.

    BOYCOTT Target
    BOYCOTT Target
    BOYCOTT Target
    … get the picture, boycott Target and never ever ever go back into that Satanic store.

    1. Otto Z. Zuckermann

      Time to setup pickets outside their door and shame everyone who enters. No violence. Just the facts.


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