Teaching Leadership Lessons through Sports

By | January 22, 2018

[January 22, 2018] The U.S. Super Bowl LII game will be played by the two best professional football teams on February 4, 2018. Yet, whether the sport be football, baseball, basketball, or some other sport, professionally or for young kids, there will always be leadership lessons for us to take to heart.

Sports are a great way to learn such lessons. Those participating or just watching will travel a journey of personal growth as they experience the victories and defeats of their favorite teams. For young boys and girls who practice and play there are more teaching opportunities in the sport’s arena than in any other place.

Those boys and girls (or adults) playing who are best at cooperation and communication are most likely experience a win. In the struggle of the game there will be lessons in resilience, selflessness, courage, and group dynamics … if the coaches present them properly to the young players, that will occur to everyone’s benefit.

Sports can be scary for children who participate and that is why sports is so valuable. It teaches us that we can make mistakes and experience pain and discomfort and yet still win. Kevin K. Wong, when writing on this topic, tells us that by preparing in practice, facing our fears in competition, and humbly accepting both wins and losses we teach a confidence that transcends sports.

Lessons learned from sports will be with those youth for a lifetime. They will never forget the thrill of winning and the disappointment in defeat. With good coaching and teaching, it can be positive lessons that help in all venues of adulthood. Those that participate have taken an opportunity presented. Rather than sitting back and playing video games or watching television, they have made a decision to apply themselves.

Leadership lessons will be on display for us during the Super Bowl and will include positive, as well as negative, life lessons. Currently, U.S. professional football is surrounded by controversy that will retard attendance and reduce the enthusiasm for the game. Unfortunate and immature behavior by many of the players this season will affect the game but will not lessen those things we can learn from it.

And … it does not matter at what level we compete in sports to learn valuable lessons. Professional football players in American have seen this and expressed surprise. Their behavior at the upcoming Super Bowl will be worth watching.

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