What’s Happening in North Korea?

By | November 13, 2023

[November 13, 2023] While the World’s attention is focused on Israel and its war with Hamas and, to a lesser extent, on the Russia-Ukraine War, something is happening in North Korea.  The Hermit Kingdom is known for odd diplomatic overtures.  Lately, however, they have begun shutting down their embassies worldwide.  Suspicions are mounting that North Korea is facing a financial crisis.

“We are conducting operations to withdraw and establish diplomatic missions in accordance with the changed global environment and national diplomatic policy,” a spokesperson for North Korea’s foreign ministry wrote earlier this month, according to translations from Yonhap News Agency.  At least five nations have seen the withdrawal, including Spain, Hong Kong, Spain, Angola, and Uganda.

Sources out of South Korea claim that these embassy closings show that it is no longer possible for North Korea to maintain its missions in obtaining foreign currency.  We already know that the North is unable to feed its population through domestic efforts and relies upon illegal activity and illicit money-making projects such as counterfeiting, human trafficking, and drug trafficking.

For decades now, experts in Western nations have predicted the collapse of North Korea.  That includes me, and I am no expert.   But, the Hermit Kingdom is highly resilient since they don’t care about their people, only their Communist government and enriching Kim Jong-Un’s regime.  This is no surprise, given that Communism does not foster care for the poor or the average citizen.

North Korea is now making overtures to China and Russia.  It should be evident that this is where Kim Jong-Un believes he can obtain assistance, given their like-minded governments.  However, neither China nor Russia are doing well.  They are experiencing demographic crashes that will alter the world economy dramatically over the next ten years.

In an act of desperation, will North Korea last out at South Korea?  That is a question no one seems to be able to answer.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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20 thoughts on “What’s Happening in North Korea?

  1. corralesdon

    This should be a popular article. Is North Korea imploding? That is a good quesiton but who cares?

  2. Eddie Gilliam

    Excellent article my friend. What happened with news is its focus on the now and to quickly forget about the then. New, news to journalists gets the attention of the people who quickly get tired of old events Let’s see if I can make you awareness that a fire 🔥 breaks out in the forest, the firefighters forces it attention on the large fires. But they know to never ✋️ stop giving attention to the fire util it completely controlled and completely out. Forest fire have a strange way of restarting days later by under brush not completely gone out.
    Until we love our neighbors as ourselves we’ll never never be free from wars.

  3. Pastor John

    Nailed it, Gen. Satterfield. Let us not take our eyes off the ball. China, Russia and NORTH KOREA are the three most dangerous nations on earth because they have nuclear weapons. Iran will soon be added to this list despite what Biden and Obama want. Pray that the world gets rid of the Bidens and Obamas; they are just to dangerous.

    1. Winston

      Thank you, Pastor John. Well said.
      Freedom is only one generation away from being lost.

      1. docwatson

        🙏 That is exactly right 🙏
        Gen. Satterfield is all over it like usual. Never take your eye off the ball. But the USA leadership does all the time.

  4. Guns are Us

    People who live in N. Korea love their dictator. They all have lived under Kim regimes and know nothing better. Even if they were to see the other side of capitalism, they will still love Kim Jong Un. That shows that humans can be manipulated in doing things that are not even in their best interests. Just look at liberals and how they vote and protest for the very things they want but will kill them. Like “Queers for Palestine.” Insane.

  5. Maureen S. Sullivan

    Sir, love your website. Keep it up. I esp. love the series with letters to your granddaughter.

    1. Janna Faulkner

      Maureen, I agree and we both have made comments in the leadership forum attesting to it. I hope Gen. Satterfield announces his newest book soon. ❤ Love “Letters to My Granddaughter.”

  6. HAL

    Get the popcorn ready.
    “North Korea is now making overtures to China and Russia. It should be evident that this is where Kim Jong-Un believes he can obtain assistance, given their like-minded governments. However, neither China nor Russia are doing well. They are experiencing demographic crashes that will alter the world economy dramatically over the next ten years.” — Gen. Doug Satterfield.
    He is all over it.

  7. Scotty Bush

    Hi Gen. Satterfield and readers of his blog. I want to point to one of his articles in Daily Favorites that call out Ex Pres Barack Obama for his anti-Semitism and soft stance on Islamic terror. Good job! Let us not forget that it was Obama that helped save Iran and their ilk. The world is a much more dangerous place because of him. Read the article. I also highlighted it here:

    1. KenFBrown

      Scotty, spot on comment. Barack Obama may or may not be gay, but he is definitely an anti-Semite. Just look at his actions.

      1. Boy Sue

        .. I hope his wife runs for President against Trump. Now that would be an event like no other. It will pit the racist and anti-Semite Michelle Obama against a popularist Trump. That will be the election of the century.

      2. Rowen Tabernackle

        Yes, great comment Scotty. Oh, love this website by Gen. Satterfield and his books. Get them both before his next book comes out. “Letters to My Granddaughter.”

        1. Doug Smith

          Jonathan Martin observes that “2024 will be an extraordinary election, and it demands extraordinary measures.” Why is that?
          That’s in part for reasons Biden refuses to accept: his capacity to do the job. The oldest president in history when he first took the oath, Biden will not be able to govern and campaign in the manner of previous incumbents. He simply does not have the capacity to do it, and his staff doesn’t trust him to even try, as they make clear by blocking him from the press. Biden’s bid will give new meaning to a Rose Garden campaign, and it requires accommodation to that unavoidable fact of life.


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