Women Chose Men: a Fact of Life

By | November 18, 2022

[November 18, 2022]  I see in many men a resentful attitude toward women.  These men blame their despair for not finding a woman because women won’t have anything to do with them, while the women are making those men self-conscious for not being all they should be.  The women think, “Why should I bother with you if you’re not good enough?”  And that is precisely what women should be thinking.  Women chose men!

Men don’t like this unalterable fact; that women choose men.  They want women to like them despite their failures in life.  Furthermore, men don’t understand this natural phenomenon.

Why can’t so many men find women to date?  That’s not the real problem.  The real problem is why certain men can’t find the women they want.  The underlying fact is that it is the man’s problem, not the woman’s problem.  Men are just not measuring up to women’s standards.  Psychologists tell men who are irritated at men’s problems (to find women) that there is something wrong with the man.

Women pick men.  If they don’t pick a certain man, then it’s because they are right.  That is, admittedly, a terrible thing to note for men, and I know it perfectly well.  I wasn’t particularly successful with women myself when I was young.  I know what rejection is like and the fear of inadequacy

What do these men expect from women?  If you got pregnant because you had sex, you would be damn choosy too.  Men!  Clue in a bit.  If women don’t find you attractive, then maybe you’re not.  Have you paid attention to how you dress?  Do you have a life plan?   Are you as educated as you could be?   Are you a liar?  Are you a pornographer user?  Are you an alcoholic or abuse drugs?  Maybe these things undermine your motivation and why you are not growing yourself up.

If a man is rejected constantly, is he asking enough women out?  Is he batting out of his league (so to speak) and setting himself up for certain failure?

If men were better, they would be more successful with women.  Men need to keep that in mind.  And men cannot be angry at women for rejecting them.  That’s stupid.  This would be a sign of psychological dysfunction in men.

Who is more self-conscious, women or men?  The answer is that women are more self-conscious.  Moreover, women taught men to be self-conscious, and they teach them that all the time because there is nothing that makes a man more self-conscious than to be rejected by a woman he desires.

If you look at any competence hierarchy, it is a fact that the men at the top of the hierarchy are more likely to have offspring than the men at the bottom.  That is true not just in humans but in many other animal species.  Something pushes a man up a dominance hierarchy.  The idea of how the proper man should act starts to become incorporated into society’s expectations.

That process begins to loop, so as the expectations become clearer and clearer, the notion of what constitutes the success of men with women becomes clearer as well.  The same skills and attitudes, and patterns of behavior that make a man successful in climbing a dominance hierarchy are the same that make men attractive to women.  They are the same thing.

Women chose men.  And that is the way it is now, always has been, and always will be.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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36 thoughts on “Women Chose Men: a Fact of Life

  1. Veronica Stillman

    It’s has taken a real man to tell men what has been the truth since the first woman walked on this earth. Women chose men. Right.

  2. Ayn Jālūt

    General Satterfield, you have a very special message with good words.

    1. Bryan Z. Lee

      Exactly why I read this blog that Gen. Satterfield gives us for free. If you want a daily dose of reality – harsh reality – then come here and read what he has to say. If you want a soft life, then you will be a slave to fashion, fads, and artificial fun. That is no way to life the right way. Life is tough. Get over it. Read this blog.

  3. British Citizen

    Psst, ouch. Women chose men. But most men don’t believe it. ❤

    1. Joe Omerrod

      H a ha ha ha….. that is nature taking its place in our lives. Gen. Satterfield nailed it. And, oh, I bought his book, pretty cheap on Kindle version.

      1. Army Captain

        Right-on, Joe. Here is the link. Get your copy of “55 Rules for a Good Life” and that is not an understatement at all. If you are looking for a good life, then be sure you adopt the sage advice Gen. Satterfield is giving out. Get the book. Read it over and over. Practice what he says, you have nothing to lose but your old, selfish and narcisstic self.

  4. Fury Tank Commander

    Ain’t this the pits. I never thought it right. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. Bill Sanders, Jr.

      Yeah, and it is also shocking too. Life’s downsides are overridden by the upside of standing tall, telling the truth, looking people in the eye, and taking no gruff from nobody.

  5. Fred Weber

    Another spot-on blog post about leadership and in this case, how to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex. Now, today that might be heresy, but I don’t give a crap whether it is or not. Kick their a$$.

  6. rjsmithers

    Great article that articulates what I’ve been thinking about for years but couldn’t quiet come to a simple consolidated idea. Well done, Gen. Satterfield, and I did buy your book, “55 Rules for a Good Life.”

    1. Bernie

      You would think that all this is basic common sense but I guess not. Gen. Satterfield here and his book “55 Rules for a Good Life” expounds upon this idea a bit. I’d like to read more about marriage, so general, please give us more.

      1. Cow Blue

        Nailed it Bernie, got my copy of ’55 rules for a good life’ too. ✔

        1. Kissing Boys

          Buy the book now if you want to better yourself today. Just do yourself a favor now. 😃😃😃😃😃

  7. Colleen Ramirez

    Women chose me! Right but sometimes we like to make the men think it is the other way around.

  8. Valkerie

    Ya think? General Satterfield nailed it.
    “What do these men expect from women? If you got pregnant because you had sex, you would be damn choosy too. Men! Clue in a bit. If women don’t find you attractive, then maybe you’re not. Have you paid attention to how you dress? Do you have a life plan? Are you as educated as you could be? Are you a liar? Are you a pornographer user? Are you an alcoholic or abuse drugs? Maybe these things undermine your motivation and why you are not growing yourself up.”

    1. Oakie from OK

      Right Valkerie and this is just another simple reason that I’ve been reading this leadership blog of his for many years. You can find out some really important things about people and that is how you get to be a better leader.

  9. Emma Archambeau

    If men were better, they would be more successful with women. Men need to keep that in mind. And men cannot be angry at women for rejecting them. That’s stupid. …. Can’t argue with the “general” on that one.

  10. mainer

    Wow, I had to sit down and think about this article. I’m glad I’m married. ✔

    1. HAL Two Thousand One

      Got it, mainer and maybe you’re lucky your wife chose you instead of the other way around. Maybe you might just make the grade as a man. //a little humor// 😎

  11. Winston

    Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. Winston Churchill

  12. Steve Dade

    Such a great website. Thank you General Satterfield for your insights and sometimes telling us things we see but do not have enough to say what is really happening. Great stuff for the common guy like me.

  13. Fred Weber

    Women Chose Men: a Fact of Life
    You can’t beat that title for an article on life. Just loving it.

      1. Nick Lighthouse

        Welcome Raw Hide, haven’t seen you hear before. I hope you gain something from this leadership forum. It’s been around now for over 8 years and counting. We like it best when you put forward ideas that can be tested among a diverse group of men and women who desire being a better leader and a much better person. That is our goal. Again, welcome. Make the best of what you read here and post. 😊

    1. Laughing Monkey

      Hey Dale, but aren’t you an old guy and it’s simply too late for you to care at all. ha ha ha ha———–

      1. H. M. Longstreet

        Hey, not fair. I wanted to get a quick note to support Gen. Satterfield. His new book is great!!!!!!


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