Exposing the Faces of Antisemites

By | November 5, 2023

[November 5, 2023] “Not a Shred of Decency” blares the headlines from the New York Post on their front page.  The paper’s article calls these people “anti-Israel activists,” “Israel haters,” and “loathsome anti-Israeli vandals.”  Of course, the paper is going easy on them with words, but it was the publication of their faces while removing or defacing Israeli hostage posters that had American leftists up in arms.  I say, ‘good job’ to the New York Post for exposing the faces of antisemites.

“Israel haters have taken to ripping down posters on city storefronts and lightpoles that highlight the plight of the 200 Jews taken hostage by Hamas.  The girls chanted f—k Israel.”

This front-page article by the Post highlights a few arrests of the vandals, some wearing Palestinian colors, and their profane-laced anti-Israeli attacks on Jewish bystanders.  Many New Yorkers are pushing back on these haters and are calling them out for their antisemitism and inhumanity at its deepest level.  Rabbi Joseph Potasnik told the Post, “I don’t understand the depth of hatred.

“Gut-wrenching images of the more than 20 hostages – many of whom are children – began emerging days after Hamas’ surprise attacks Oct. 7 and the appalling act of ripping them down was seen in Gotham soon after.”

What is the psychology of this hate?  Many are asking this question, and there are no clear answers.  Perhaps the Jew haters tearing down the posters are in denial of what Hamas terrorists have done, and this is their way of turning away from that terror.  This is eerily similar to German citizens who denied the killings of Jews in the Holocaust.

Should these citizens who tear down the posters be prosecuted?  That is a question the mayor of New York City will have to answer.  Should their faces and their actions be shown to the world?  Yes, and their faces and actions will forever be accessible.  That is a form of punishment that will properly haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Douglas Murray said it best.  Hamas reveals the bigots in our midst.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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28 thoughts on “Exposing the Faces of Antisemites

  1. Eddie Gilliam

    Excellent job my friend. Hate of race toward another is nothing new. It’s in the Bible in Genesis with Pharaoh the Egyptians king treating the Israelites bad. It got to the point God had Moses to tell Pharaoh let my people go.God used the plaques especially the last one; the killing of the 1st born son of the Egyptians. The death angel passed over the houses with the blood on the doorthe doors
    Why is it because of the color of the skin makes you a target. It’s to me based on FEAR . Fear you will get more than I got. Fear that you be over me as boss on job. Fear that you may be next president. FEAR ,FEAR and more FEAR. When or where does it stop? Glad you asked that. It starts with seeing 👀 what it. FEAR is-False Evidence Appears Real. The other thing is LOVE ❤️. God made us we are to love thy neighbor as thyself. It easy to hate, much harder to love by man standings. However;the fact is love is easier than hate. It takes alot of effort and energy to hate.

  2. rjsmithers

    Good for us. When the cockroaches are exposed to the light, they scatter.

  3. Rev. Michael Cain

    Crazy times when Americans support terrorists.
    Pray for the deaths of Israelis and those taken hostage.

  4. Max Foster

    Wow, Gen. Satterfield, tell us what you think! Love it ! You da best, Gen. S.!
    “Should these citizens who tear down the posters be prosecuted? That is a question the mayor of New York City will have to answer. Should their faces and their actions be shown to the world? Yes, and their faces and actions will forever be accessible. That is a form of punishment that will properly haunt them for the rest of their lives.” quote from this article that will be remembered for a long long time and rightly so. We know where Gen. Satterfield stands, WHAT ABOUT YOU?

  5. Fred Weber

    Said best in PowerLineBlog that Gen. Satterfield referenced today.
    “[There are many within the US Democrat Party that] are entirely indifferent to mass murder, gang rape and the beheading of infants, where the victims are Jews.” It’s tearing the party apart.

      1. Idiot Savant

        Joe Biden hasn’t had a moral clarity moment in his entire life.

      2. Unwoke Dude

        Of course, who could expected a stupid liberal to meet a reality he didn’t hate. 😜🤣🤦‍♂️😂😁

  6. osmodsann

    The world is watching.

  7. Julia

    Thank you Gen. Doug Satterfield for standing with Jews in this terrible environment. We need more like you to make public the horror that is taking place in the Gaza Strip with Hamas holding onto hostages and making civilians into cover for their terror.

  8. Xerces II

    Photos and videos of the students taking the posters off walls, which displayed Israeli hostages taken into the Gaza Strip by the Palestinian militant group Hamas, quickly spread throughout social media, with some posts garnering millions of views. The posts identified the two students as Hafiza Khalique and Yazmeen Deyhimi, although a third individual who accompanied them has not been identified.

    1. Boy Sue

      If these students are not punished, the school is complicit.
      — Students who were caught tearing down posters of Israeli hostages outside the Stern School of Business last week may face disciplinary action from NYU, according to the university. Yeah right, NYU supports the Palestinians and doesn’t give a hoot about Israelis taken as hostages.

  9. KenFBrown

    Hate incarnate.
    “Gut-wrenching images of the more than 20 hostages – many of whom are children – began emerging days after Hamas’ surprise attacks Oct. 7 and the appalling act of ripping them down was seen in Gotham soon after.” – NYPost article 2 Nov 2023

  10. Edward G.

    Loved today’s article, Gen. Satterfield. Hate is hate. Antisemiites are antisemites, and nothing will change that.

      1. Wendy Holmes

        We can work to change that mindset, it will be hard, but worth it in the long run. It will also be dangerous because these young folks are so indoctrinated with hate – just like HAMAS and the Palestinians – that it will take a generation or more to fix. Their claims are false. Perhaps that is the place to start. But in the meantime, with the atrocious attacks on innocent Isrealis, needs to start with crushing the Palestinian culture of death.
        “It’s Time to Destroy the Palestinian Culture of Terrorism”

        1. Pen Q

          Excellent commentary and reference to an article by Gen. Satterfield …. great works.

        2. Yusaf from Texas

          Thank you Wendy. We need more people from the walks of everyday life to stand against this horror taking place and to shame those who support Hamas terror.

  11. Ursala J. Simpson

    Gen. Satterfield nails the sentiment of America once again with this hard-hitting article of antisemites in our midst. If you want to understand this better, please read up on Douglas Murray and listen to his lectures and read his books. This will give you a better understanding of where Gen. S. is coming from.

  12. Goalie for Cal State

    If these anti-Semites are so confident and happy about their beliefs, then why are they mad that their views are being shown publically all over the world? I would think that they would be happy. I would think they would thank the NY Post and others for showing the world who they are. But no, they hit back that they are victims of America and the world. Denial is strong in them.

    1. Harry Donner

      Goalie, don’t expect commonsense. Hate transcends commonsense. 👀

    2. Jessica Luden

      Wow, hit that nail hard and fast. Thanks Goalie for being spot on first thing on Gen. Satterfield’s article. We are thinking a lot alike and those antisemites need to have their actions and beliefs put before all Americans and I think most of us will be revolted by their acts.


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