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Dimensions of Senior Leadership

[June 2, 2022]  During the last U.S. Presidential election campaign, I compiled a list of leadership qualities that define senior leadership.  I’m opening them up again because it’s time to re-think what I wrote at the time.  I developed these ideas over a long period of my military career. This “list” can compare and contrast politicians and others. … Read More »

No Excuses

[June 1, 2022]  Don’t make excuses.  No excuses.  If you have an obligation, have given your word, or there is an expectation you are to do something, there is no excuse for failing at the goal.  Those that make excuses have failed twice, first not getting done what they were supposed to get done, and second, they are… Read More »

Always attend Funerals

[May 27, 2022]  My brother and I stood there, looking at the casket of our great-grandfather.  This was the first funeral we ever attended.  Neither of us wanted to be there.  My father made it clear, “You’re going to the funeral, do it for the family.”  I couldn’t talk, my brother cried, we were both in shock from… Read More »

Off-Line for a Few Days

[May 19, 2022]  Surprise!  My out-of-town family is visiting me unexpectedly.  My birthday is coming up shortly and I am pleased by the surprise visit.  We are getting a chance to see the area I live in, and pursue some of my hobbies.  So, with that in mind, I’ll be off-line for a few days.  I’ll return by… Read More »