The Republican Debate: A Senior Leader Analysis

By | August 9, 2015

[August 9, 2015] Just a few days ago the first presidential debate of 2015 was hosted by Fox News and Facebook and was watched by a record number of people. How senior leaders view the debate of those participating will be discussed here. Senior leaders will, in most cases, have far greater leadership experience, management expertise, and relevant… Read More »

Why Jeb Bush’s Campaign is Struggling

By | August 8, 2015

[August 8, 2015]  Lack of a compelling vision!  This blog post is the third in a series that explores U.S. presidential candidates from the perspective of other senior leaders.  What it is not, is a rehash of ideas from the media. We know at this point that Jeb Bush’s campaign has not taken off despite being flush with… Read More »

Why is Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Faltering?

By | August 7, 2015

[August 7, 2015]  Lack of trustworthiness!  This may come as no surprise to those who are following national news.  The political “experts” that got Donald Trump’s campaign popularity wrong are getting much of Clinton’s campaign problems correct.  The biggest problem for her is not a so much an aversion to the email and Bengazi scandals but a lack… Read More »

Why is Donald Trump’s Campaign Surging?

By | August 6, 2015

[August 6, 2015] Authentic leadership! All the political “experts” have been caught off-guard by what they see as a surprise surge in the popularity of billionaire businessman and Presidential contender Donald Trump. However, senior leaders I talk to were not surprised and, in fact, were predicting early a strong campaign run by Trump. Why then, is the political… Read More »

Profile: General David Petraeus

By | August 4, 2015

[August 4, 2015] In early 2007, General David Petraeus took command of the Multi-National Force in Iraq and subsequently introduced a strategy that involved a “surge” of military forces. At the time I was asked to develop a plan to house, feed, and protect all incoming allied military forces through an up-ramped civil engineering effort and then personally… Read More »

I’m Too Busy

By | August 3, 2015

[August 3, 2015] One of my more interesting experiences on college campuses today is presenting motivational talks to students … a few professors and staff members also attend and are welcome. Each time I do one of these I speak informally with as many people as I can in before and after my presentation. From these conversations I… Read More »