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Hero:  Desmond Doss

By | April 16, 2020

[April 16, 2020]  It has been simply too long since I wrote an article about a hero.  It goes without saying that we still need heroes, especially in our modern world.  We need heroes precisely because they define the limits of our ideals, hopes. and dreams.  That is precisely what U.S. Army Private Desmond Doss has done for… Read More »

What is Most Contemptible: Cowardice or Treason?

By | March 30, 2020

[March 30, 2020]  I do not write enough about cowardice, nor about treason.  It is my sincere belief that both behaviors demonstrate an inherent, elemental weakness in all humans.  In the religious world, we call these weaknesses by the name “sin.”  And while these transgressions against others are odious, some are worse than others.  My question is, “What… Read More »