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Why We Built a WWII Statue

By | December 24, 2023

[December 24, 2023]  Four years ago, a small group of men – all acquaintances – were discussing “doing something” for their community.  One of these men knew and befriended a World War II veteran and his devoted daughter.   The veteran was a highly decorated Army medic.  After the veteran passed away, his daughter suggested to the group that… Read More »

Dog Nose Smudges on the Window

By | December 21, 2023

[December 21, 2023]  I’m convinced our human relationship with dogs is magical. Not magical like a flying dragon or the Loch Ness monster magical, but magical like extraordinary, irresistible, and amazing. We usually think of animals as social creatures, but within their own species and while that is undeniably true, dogs have a stronger social attraction to humans… Read More »

Advice for Newlyweds

By | December 20, 2023

[December 20, 2023]  There are probably more books written on advice for newlyweds than anything else, except for romance novels.  Dr. Jordan Peterson was asked what advice he had for newlyweds, and his answer was classic Peterson.  But he gives a few hints that I found striking. He begins by advising newlyweds never to stop dating (themselves, of… Read More »

9 Gender Studies Careers

By | December 19, 2023

[December 19, 2023]  Humor is an art form.  Nuff said.  One of the most incredible places to find humor is from the Babylon Bee, a satirical website that publishes on a wide range of topics, mostly poking fun at liberals.  One of their videos captured my eye and has over 1 million views.  Titled 9 Exciting Careers For… Read More »

Abortion Abolitionists

By | December 18, 2023

[December 18, 2023]  I’ve wanted to write another article about abortion for many months, so here it is.  There is a man by the name of T. Russell Hunter who has a different take on abortion, and I’ll highlight some of his ideas today.  I want to note that Hunter calls himself an abortion abolitionist.  His organization is… Read More »