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Happy New Year 2023: in Pictures

By | January 1, 2023

[January 1, 2023]  Many attended New Year’s Day parties with friends and family.  But as I get older, I am asleep at midnight unless I have to get up to deal with a challenging prostrate.  In celebration of the New Year and looking back at 2022, I put together some pictures I thought might fit in. ————– Please… Read More »

Merry Christmas from The Honeymooners

By | December 24, 2022

[December 24, 2022]  Looking back on the many television shows I watched growing up, one of my favorites was The Honeymooners, starring Jackie Gleason.  The show follows the lives of New York City bus driver Ralph Kramden (Gleason), his wife Alice, Ralph’s best friend Ed Norton and Ed’s wife, Trixie.  Most episodes revolve around Ralph’s poor choices in… Read More »

The Importance of Family

By | November 4, 2022

[November 4, 2022] Interestingly, human children have the most prolonged dependency period of any animal creature.  This makes the social bond between mother and child of primary importance.  And from that, we find the importance of family. Around that mother-child bond is the need for a structure for it even to be possible for children to survive the… Read More »

Kamala Harris: is she fit to hold Political Office?

By | October 2, 2022

[October 2, 2022]  Unfortunately, the President of the United States is visibly deteriorating mentally before our very eyes.  I wrote about Joe Biden’s dementia was not that he has the debilitating disease but how long it will take before he can no longer function.  Our problem is that Vice President Kamala Harris has her own problems.  She is… Read More »

Queen Elizabeth II’s Death: What it Means

By | September 23, 2022

[September 23, 2022]  The death of Queen Elizabeth II has come at an unfortunate time in the world, especially for Western nations.  The Queen had a particularly grand level of fame, far above political figures that come and go.  Dr. Jordan Peterson spoke recently in England about her and hyper-famous people and the difficulty of having people surrounding… Read More »

A Tribute to Daddy

By | September 21, 2022

[September 21, 2022]  Two days ago, my dad passed away at 93.  He is now with his wife Mary of 71 years (and my mother), who passed away a mere two weeks ago.  My heart is broken, but it would be ungrateful to think, even for a minute, “Why me?” when I was privileged to have Daddy until… Read More »

Turning to Good Deeds

By | September 10, 2022

[September 10, 2022]  Tomorrow is the 21st anniversary of the deadly terrorist attack on America.  As many of us prepare for the ceremonies, gather with friends, and think about where we were and what we did that day, I’m recycling an article I wrote two years ago.  It’s a good one, and there were many good comments.  The… Read More »

A Tribute to Mom

By | September 6, 2022

[September 6, 2022]  This past weekend, my mother passed away at 92.  Of course, no words describe the sense of loss we are experiencing right now.  We can console ourselves that she had a long and fruitful life.  All her many children are in her debt for all she did for us.  Here is my tribute to mom.… Read More »