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Veterans Day 2023:  Joe Griffies

By | November 11, 2023

[November 11, 2023] I grew up in the city of Philadelphia. We lived on a long narrow street lined with small row homes attached by a party wall. There were 23 homes on each side of the street. We knew everyone on our block and all the surrounding homes on the streets that made up our neighborhood. Our… Read More »

Enabling Failure in Institutions

By | November 8, 2023

[November 8, 2023]  We’ve all seen supervisors who give excuses for employees who are failures in their jobs.  Like the alcoholic whose family enables the alcoholic’s drinking behavior, leaders are also enabling failure in other leaders. Whatever the reason or excuse, there is an emerging trend in U.S. institutions where leaders fail to take quick, effective action to… Read More »

Exposing the Faces of Antisemites

By | November 5, 2023

[November 5, 2023] “Not a Shred of Decency” blares the headlines from the New York Post on their front page.  The paper’s article calls these people “anti-Israel activists,” “Israel haters,” and “loathsome anti-Israeli vandals.”  Of course, the paper is going easy on them with words, but it was the publication of their faces while removing or defacing Israeli… Read More »

Why Veterans Day is so Unsatisfying?

By | November 4, 2023

[November 4, 2023] Why is Veterans Day so unsatisfying?  I have often thought about this question since I retired from the Army.  No, I will not dismiss Veterans Day as a self-congratulatory holiday.  However, to answer that question is not for the faint of heart because the answer forces us to expose the underbelly of American traditions, the… Read More »

Letters to My Granddaughter, No. 33

By | October 31, 2023

[October 31, 2023]  “It’s a bonanza!” yelled my brother Philip as he stared into his haul of goodies.  He and I looked forward to Halloween because of the chocolate candy, dressing up in a costume, discovering which of our neighbors were generous and which were cheap, and seeing good friends, yet trying to figure out who was underneath… Read More »