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Letters to my Granddaughter: No. 7

By | June 23, 2023

[June 23, 2023]  Looking back on my time as a kid, I’m not so sure I was using my thinking abilities properly.  Yeah, the men in my town were nearly all combat veterans.  I was enthralled by their harrowing experiences, cool demeanor, pretty girlfriends, tales of growing up in the boonies and swamps of Louisiana, great physical strength,… Read More »

Speech to Remember Our Fallen

By | June 21, 2023

[June 21, 2023]  I’ll be giving a speech honoring our fallen military personnel from WWI to present this weekend.  The South Jersey Volunteers for Veterans Boot Memorial will have a three-day display with the names of local citizens who gave their lives for our country.  I’m one of the closing ceremony speakers.  Please take a look at my… Read More »