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Letters to My Granddaughter, No. 70

[May 5, 2024] Two loud, sharp toots from the locomotive followed by the railroad Conductor’s shouting ALL ABOARD.  This trip would be another exciting and fun time for the family.  Up to about the year 1970, the Missouri Pacific Railroad ran passenger trains.  The one we took was officially known as the Delta Eagle, “Eagle,” referring to their… Read More »

Advice for Young Men:  Manly & Modern

By | April 22, 2024

[April 22, 2024]  In my recent exploration of advice for young men, I discovered a good deal worth sharing.  The latest comes from Manly & Modern, a site dedicated to helping young men improve productivity, thought patterns, and habits.  They give relationship advice, social tips, career and finance guidance, and workout content.  We will find many similarities to… Read More »

Letters to My Granddaughter, No. 66

By | April 18, 2024

[April 18, 2024]  His face was wrinkled and tanned; he was thin, of medium height, with blue eyes and thinning gray hair, and wearing thick glasses.  Douglas James Satterfield sat in his favorite chair overlooking the front of his farmhouse, smoking an unfiltered Camel cigarette.  His farm was located south of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, near the Arkansas River. … Read More »