Strength of Character: Israeli Mia Regev

By | February 2, 2024

[February 2, 2024]  Released Gaza hostage Mia Regev was kidnapped on October 7th by Hamas terrorists.  Yesterday, she told U.N. ambassadors how she was treated in Gaza.  At least some politicians are listening to her tale.  Mia Regev has great strength of character to stand before the U.N. and tell her story.

“They tore off my clothes.  They took my identity and my name from me.  The terrorist who was watching over me told me every day that if the army came to save me, then he would shoot me immediately and not die alone.” – Israeli Mia Regev

From the Twitter feed of Marina Medvin, we see that Mia Regev was abused by the terrorist overseeing her.  Her injured ankle, which they shot, was abused to make her suffer.  It appears that the Hamas members were entertaining themselves with her suffering.  They laughed at her pain and mocked her.

Mia Regev went into detail regarding the cruelty of the Hamas terrorists.  More can be found here (see link) in the Jerusalem Post story dated January 31, 2024.

“Calling for a ceasefire means keeping Hamas in power, and as they already said – they will carry out this massacre again and again as soon as they can.  Their goal is to use terror against us and make us leave the country out of fear.” – Gilad Erdan, Permanent Representative of Israel to the U.N.

In my article, dated January 15th, 100 Days of War: Israel vs Hamas, I wrote that the two central goals of the nation of Israel are 1) the return of the hostages and 2) to dismantle Hamas (meaning to destroy it).

We got a more detailed insight from Israeli government spokesman Elyon Levy yesterday (see link, YouTube video, 10:20 minutes).  He reiterated Prime Minister Netanyahu’s clear and non-negotiable goals that they plan to achieve simultaneously.  They are 1)  destroying Hamas, 2) releasing the hostages, and 3) making sure that Gaza can never again pose a threat to the people of Israel.

The public statements by Mia Regev will help bring about those goals.  She is undoubtedly a young woman of great character and is to be commended for her brave efforts to spread the word about the debased Evil of Hamas.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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20 thoughts on “Strength of Character: Israeli Mia Regev

  1. Deplorable John

    As a good American, I stand with Mia Regev and Israel against the forces of evil that resides in Gaza and Hamas. 🇮🇱

    1. American Girl

      I think that most of us stand with Israel 🇮🇱 and are willing to take the flak that liberal progressive radicals across the uncivilized world are doing to attack us. Stand strong. stand tall. Stand with Israel 🇮🇱 and be counted among those who do not ever ever ever side with EVIL incarnate in the form of Hama terrorism and Palestinian support of that terror. Also reject the UN and push them out of New York city and let them build their own building somewhere in central Africa. HA HA. that’ll get their attention really fast because they won’t be able to enjoy the freedoms of America or our safety.

      1. Eddie Gilliam

        American Girl i agree with your comments. There’s no place for Terrorism in the world. Terrorism used fear to achieve their goal

  2. Christine Bisset

    Thank you Gen. Satterfield for being one of the few who helped get the word out on Mia Regev. She is a brave young lady who had to endure, firsthand, the evil of Hamas and Palestinian people who are Hamas.

  3. Julia

    Thank you Gen. Satterfield for laying this out. You made the only viable solution, which, BTW, was what was used on Germany and Japan and it worked.

    1. Pink Cloud

      History is telling. The lessons, however, are often lost on our pandering, self-centered, no-solution politicians.
      IMO, the UN needs to be thrown out of the US and America needs to withdraw from it and ignore any of their declarations.

  4. Otto Z. Zuckermann

    No one wants the Palestinians. That is why every other country is proposing a two-state solution. Keep them where they are.

  5. Veronica Stillman

    Ambassador Erdan knows the way.
    “Calling for a ceasefire means keeping Hamas in power, and as they already said – they will carry out this massacre again and again as soon as they can. Their goal is to use terror against us and make us leave the country out of fear.” – Gilad Erdan, Permanent Representative of Israel to the U.N.

  6. mainer

    If you want to see someone that is a hero for never giving up, just look at these Israelis who were released by the demonic Hamas coward-terrorists. That is why Hamas AND the Palestinian peoples must be crushed totally so that the lesson of Oct 7 is never forgotten by them as a day of shame and destruction of the Islamic religion that was the basis of the attack and the animals that perpetrated it.

    1. Doug Smith

      mainer, you nailed it. They are rabid animals and they must be killed outright. Those that support them must suffer terribly in order to give up their evil and crazy ways. If they can’t live by Israel, then move to some other Islamic country, but not to any Western nation. Palestinians need to be eliminated forever in order to have world peace.

      1. Kenya

        😎 You guys said hat I wanted to say. 😎
        There is no reason to keep a people around that want only to destroy, murder, and rape innocents. They must be either caged or killed. That is the only solution other than what Gen. Satterfield proposed and that was: “Destroy the Palestinian Culture of Death”
        This is the only way. Pay attention folks. This is also the only way that the Palestinian poeple will survive.

        1. Randy Goodman

          Agreed, this was an excellent article by Gen. Satterfield and a moderate solution that requires what we do NOT have and that is political will.

  7. Eye Cat

    Israeli Mia Regev, BRAVE and BEAUTIFUL woman of great character. I agree, Gen. Satterfield.

    1. Under the Bridge

      It is comforting to know that she doesn’t see herself as a victim like so many snowflakes in the West. But she is truly a real victim and yet throws off that label.


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