VA goes Woke as it removes Lincoln’s Quote

By | March 21, 2023

[March 21, 2023]   In a Washington D.C. Friday news dump, the Veterans Administration announced the removal of their 64-year-old motto, a quote by President Abraham Lincoln.  Ostensibly, the quote is so offensive that the VA could no longer tolerate the intolerance.  Let’s be honest; the VA has officially gone full Woke.  Here is the quote the VA leadership removed:

“To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan.” – President Abraham Lincoln

With the ongoing U.S. Civil War, the deadliest and most destructive American war ever conducted, Lincoln could not have envisioned that “him” and “his” might not be inclusive enough.  Perhaps the VA Secretary Denis McDonough (not a Veteran) might have more backbone and say “stop” and reverse this insulting and stupid decision.

Here’s another Lincoln anecdote, one that applies here:

“How many legs does a dog have if you call his tail a leg?  Four.  Saying that a tail is a leg doesn’t make it a leg.” – President Abraham Lincoln

Saying that VA Secretary McDonough is a capable, caring leader does not make it so.

I was humored by one of my readers who sent me memes to read about the VA decision.  One says the Wizard of Oz removes Scarecrow for offending too many people without brains.  Secretary McDonough hasn’t shown us any common sense or respect for veterans and deserves us mocking the VA and his abilities.

Just remember that good senior leadership means making timely and proper decisions.  McDonough, you fell for the “woke” agenda, and you fell hard.


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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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31 thoughts on “VA goes Woke as it removes Lincoln’s Quote

  1. Darin W Barfield

    Yes, the VA is disgusting & disgraceful, just like the current situation with fbi, just doing the biding of this corrupt administration, hell bent to push or cram their socialist agenda down the throats of all Americans, from every source available. As a Marine, I’m downright embarrassed of the direction this country is going,
    Our enemies which we have plenty, are marveling at our idiocy & how pathetically weak we have become,
    Today I received an email from the VA, the Veterans Cateen Service/ Patriot Store- with multiple offers to help the veterans show his gay pride 🏳️‍🌈!🤯
    🤬Why the heck would the Ava be getting involved with such a controversial divisional subject as this?
    They destroyed true American 🇺🇸 Patriotism,
    But now try to convince us that it’s patriotic to show your gay pride, and indoctrinate the innocent children of this country. And should you disagree, you a racist & a bigot. Of which I am neither. What happened to the good ole days of don’t ask/ don’t tell, it’s none of your business, what consenting adults do behind close doors, is just that- their business & it’s a private matter.
    I don’t have to like it or agree with it.
    But don’t try to make the word think we should all live our lives like this.
    My children have no desire to join the military,
    But if they did, I would highly discourage it.
    Lastly- we as a nation are getting closer & closer to hell,
    God is not happy, but the devil is overly enthusiastic about our pending arrival.
    He may take others but I’m not going & I’m trying to make sure my friends & family don’t fall into these traps.

  2. USMC Vet

    More shame the continued failure of “leaders” in the VA have imposed. Corruption.

    1. Jerome Smith

      You nailed exactly what I was thinking. VA Secretary McDonough couldn’t care less about vets. He only cares about advancing his liberal agenda and imposing it on our vets to degrade them, make them weak and dependent, to destroy their credibility bit by bit. And so far he is successful.

      1. KRause

        VA Secretary McDonough (is that pronounced Do Nut?) is the ENEMY of all VETERANS. Go figure.

  3. Anya B.

    So sad. I too will be happy when the draft dodger Sec of the VA is jaywalked out of the building.

      1. Freedom Watch

        Enemy of veterans and th3 people. Tar and feathering would be most wonderful to witness. 😎

  4. Good Dog

    Sad and shameful that the Veterans Administration is now MORE concerned about proper pronoun usage, being “inclusive” and “equal” that this overshadows their very purpose.

    1. Eye Cat

      I am going to encourage vets to find their own health care if possible and boycott the VA.

      1. Edward G.

        This will not do much good. The VA is vastly and overwhelmingly funded and their funds are increasing. The way to stop this nonsense, and there is a lot of nonsense, is to elect a US president who is not “woke” and so he won’t appoint another woke person in charge of anything. The good news, is that we see this whole woke business going down the tubes. And in a few years, hopefully very few, we can look back and say how bad these woke decisions were and shame those who were in charge at the time.

  5. Da Man

    You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. Abraham Lincoln

  6. Winston

    It will be a great day when in less than two years, sanity returns to the White House and VA Secretary McDonough is jackwalked out of the VA and all veterans line the halls and turn their back on the man who is slowly demoralizing our vets.

    1. Liz at Home

      Got that right Winston. We are just too tolerant of stupidity in our leaders.

      1. Rowen Tabernackle

        Right, shame shame shame on VA Sec McDonough. Why would he even agree to run a veterans support organization and not be a veteran himself. He has no inside knowledge of what these men and women have gone thru. And now he is in charge? I don’t think so. He just wants to destroy vets.

      2. Patriot Wife

        That mode of tolerance is too tolerant and has led us to this point. Oh, Gen. Satterfield, I love the quotes by A. Lincoln and the meme. There are many more. Let’s continue to poke fun at the politicians and shame them so that they refuse to be part of our leadership and we can then be free of their embarrassing failures. I too will be happy when normal people are in charge once again. Sadly, tho, we have uninformed, low information voters who need to be educated on their life choices and bad choices at the ballot box.

  7. Lady Hawk

    Excellent article. I did not know. Yep, the Washington Deep Swamp Friday news dump to avoid having to face embarrassing questions about a wildishly inappropriate decision. Yep, the VA is woke now.

  8. Commie Red

    No surprises here, move along …. veterans are nobody so we can do as we want to destroy their credibility and their benefits, they got too many anyway.

    1. JT Patterson

      Commie Red is baacccckkk. Wow, hit the veterans. How low can you go? Commie, best that you go back to those less-triggering leadership website that suck up to the LGTBQI+ crowd that cry when they don’t get their way. We owe an obligation to our vets and to future vets. How we treat them has zero to do with your opinion or to their, heaven forbid, their pronoun usage (which is stupid from every angle).

      1. Kerry

        Hard hitting. Thanks JT. Pay no attention to the troll Commie Red. He is only writing to get us to say something he can use against us. Just ignore his ignorance. 😊

    2. Willie Strumburger

      Commie, here is a suggestion that you will love. Move to Russia, China, or North Korea. I know you fully support what they do, so why not live there since you believe they have the greatest government in the world anyway. Oh, you won’t be able to post to this blog because they block Gen. Satterfield’s blog from being read there. But at least you will be living your words. Or are your words just words and have no meaning. I think the latter.

  9. Army Vet

    OUCH, the VA is now full woke? That happened a couple of years ago. And, the quality of medical care has decline significantly at the same time. The new VA Secretary is using his ‘woke’ credentials to slowly push the VA into irrelevance because he, like all liberals, at veterans. Vets get too much attention and positive new coverage. This is his way of hitting back.

    1. José Luis Rodriguez

      No surprise at all. He is a Biden appointee and they all are craven tyrants. 😒

      1. Tom Bushmaster

        Yeah, and thanks Army Vet for setting the standard to call out leadership failures when they happen. And thank you Gen. Satterfield for highlighting this “stupid” and insulting decision. I for one will be calling my senator about this one.


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