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Wongo Wongo & Purple Heart United

[August 7, 2017]  The many stories of World War II bring us closer to the veterans of that war and to their families … and so it should be.  One story involves a crewmember of the “Wongo Wongo” which participated in Operation Tidal Wave.  The operation was the costliest mission in U.S. Army Air Force… Read More »

Hero: Davy Crockett

[July 3, 2017]  As we look back across time it is difficult to ascertain the qualities of most of humankind’s best leadership except for those who have made deep contributions.  Davy Crockett is one of those who tackles our imaginations and pricks our interest in many ways.  He is a true American folk hero and… Read More »

Freedom Center: Serving Our Heroes

[June 7, 2017]  As I traveled about several states over the past four days, I was lucky to come across the Freedom Center in the North Terminal at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.  My wife and I have traveled in nearly every major airport in the continental U.S. and look forward to stopping by to visit USO… Read More »

Memorial Day 2017: A Time for our Hearts

[May 29, 2017]  Annually, on Memorial Day I give a speech about the meaning of this very special day.  This day is special not just for those citizens of the United States but also for those in foreign lands where our military has gone to protect them from evil.  Today, my speech is about what… Read More »

V-E Day and Victory in War

[May 8, 2017]  Those of us not adults on May 8, 1945 have no idea the rejoicing that took place on this date 72 years ago.  Victory in Europe was achieved at enormous cost in lives; so much given the price paid is simply beyond human imagination.  Yet when Nazi Germany unconditionally surrendered, and later… Read More »

Who Was Georges Thenault?

[April 24, 2017]  The thumbnail picture gives some hint to the identity of this man Georges Thenault.  Americans won’t know the name but will recognize his story as Captain Thenault commander of the Lafayette Escadrille;1 a French organization made up mostly of American fighter pilots during World War I. The few American pilots of the… Read More »

Why Study Amelia Earhart?

[April 13, 2017]  Those who study leadership find common ground when learning about great leaders of the past; the benefits being clear.  So why would we, as a matter of limited time available to us, want to study Amelia Earhart who was a famous pilot in early aviation history? “Never interrupt someone doing what you… Read More »

Hero: Roger Baldwin

[April 6, 2017]  I had a good laugh the other day as I was discussing this upcoming post naming Roger Baldwin as a hero.  You see, Baldwin is a lawyer and his reputation was mediocre for a senior leader.  With one exception, he generally did okay for himself; in another instance he oversaw a trial… Read More »

A Day with a WWII Kamikaze Pilot

[March 13, 2017]  I know that it may seem an unlikely story, but it is true that I actually met a Japanese Kamikaze pilot from World War II.  Since their primary task was to attack Allied naval vessels by crashing their planes into ships, meeting one was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. McGuire Air… Read More »

Trust: U.S. Marines or Newspaper Journalist

[March 1, 2017]  Trust and confidence is a fundamental attribute of leadership.  It is the ability to build strong trust and confidence in others that makes a leader and furthermore it is a leader’s credibility that is drawn from those who work in similar professions.  That brings me to a story from a good friend… Read More »