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Bigotry and Prejudice in Leaders

[February 19, 2018]  A good article by Glenn Ellmers recently focused on the “old ways” of dealing with bigotry and prejudice (link here) .  Before I read it, I thought maybe he was talking about fist fights or something along those lines but he argues that the way we dealt with those problems years ago… Read More »

The Nanking Massacre: China and Japan Today

[December 20, 2017]  The idea that the study of pivotal events in history provide invaluable lessons toward the improvement of humankind (and leadership) is a theme often expressed in this blog;  While truth behind this idea is often neglected, we should remember both the events at Nanking in 1937 and how it is treated… Read More »

Pearl Harbor Day: It’s also about Winning

[December 7, 2017]  The attack on Pearl Harbor on this date December 7, 1941, by the Imperial Japanese Navy is a day in infamy for many reasons.  But it was also on this date that Americans began to find out about being tough, determined, and knowledgeable about freedom.  In other words, they learned about winning.… Read More »

What is Fair? The Military Way

[December 1, 2017]  The idea that life is fair was expunged from me in Army Basic Combat Training during my time in 1974 at Fort Polk, Louisiana.  Drill Sergeant Bryant was a rigid disciplinarian that I intensely disliked because he was hard on us … but looking back, he was also the fairest man I… Read More »

North Korea: a Dash to Freedom

[November 27, 2017]  As I watched the video of a North Korean soldier escape into the South, I’m reminded of the East German guard’s “leap to freedom” in 1961.  Both have something in common and that is the desire to flee communism and its dehumanizing effects on its captive citizenry.  Communist North Korea is no… Read More »

What Leaders Do on Thanksgiving Day

[November 23, 2017]  In the early days of my military career, I thought it important to copy the behavior and speech of those known to be the very best leaders.  It came naturally, it seemed to me at the time, to find out what those leaders did when they were not “working” – for example,… Read More »

Showing Moral Courage: Maureen O’Hara

[November 19, 2017]  Scandal is Hollywood is not new; everyone knew about the sexual harassment and exploitation that occurred there.  It was no secret.  Now we find out from pianist James Rhodes, through a twitter post, that actress Maureen O’Hara called out this Hollywood sexism 72 years ago (see newspaper article).1  The Internet is alive… Read More »

Veterans Day and Small Town Leadership

[November 11, 2017]  A few days ago Boy Scout Troops from across the rural area where I live, gathered at a local Veterans Cemetery to plant American flags on each grave.  Yes, that’s what we call “old-fashioned leadership” and it works like it has always worked.  Communities throughout the world have relied on small-town leadership… Read More »

Leader Transparency

[October 21, 2017]  Corruption, moral depravity, cruelty, criminality… all these things are believed to disappear if only there was sufficient leader transparency.  While perceived as achieving grand results, the truth is that while transparency is good it is also somewhat overrated in its effect.  Transparency does work but few of us know what it is… Read More »

Dogs of War

[September 24, 2017]  During my first assignment with the 1st Cavalry Division in the Iraqi War, one of our early engineer tasks was to design and build a military dog facility.  Dog handlers and their canine friends were part of our unit and were responsible for local security.  The Iraqi insurgents we captured called them… Read More »