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Memorial Day 2024: a Vietnam Veteran

By | May 27, 2024

[May 27, 2024]  Hello General.  After being home from Vietnam 55 years ago and coming upon my 56th Memorial Day coming up next week, it got me wondering where all this time went.  To be honest, I don’t recall much about my first 35 Memorial Days, but a lot has happened over the last 20. What is Memorial… Read More »

Historical War Battles Recreated

[May 25, 2024]  Historical Total War Battles is a YouTube channel providing cinema graphics which depict known battles of the past.  One of the great values of YouTube – despite its censoring views they don’t like – is folks with knowledge and skill can create interesting and educational videos.  This channel’s owner says he “enjoys making Total War… Read More »

Missing Opportunities

[May 24, 2024]  In 1776 General George Washington feared the superior British Navy might blockade New York City, isolating it from communications with other territory of the American Colonies.  Yet when British General William Howe attacked and destroyed the Americans at Gowanus Pass in Brooklyn Heights, he failed to follow-up by storming the Patriot redoubts.  This allowed the… Read More »