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The Ukraine (Update)

By | April 29, 2014

[April 29 2014] Prior to Russia’s on-going effort to gobble up a free nation, the U.S. State Department, the White House, and political pundits predicted that Russia would not interfere with the country of Ukraine. I wrote about this here and said that “since the U.S. had no strategy, policy, or leadership on the Ukraine, that … we… Read More »

#Hashtag Diplomacy

By | April 29, 2014

[April 29, 2014] The U.S. State Department is being ridiculed and mocked for using social media Twitter to draw support for the Ukraine and opposing Russian moves in that country. It’s being called “hashtag diplomacy.” Critics are pointing out it may do nothing other than embarrass the United States. Many are questioning, for example, whether the senior leadership… Read More »