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The Military Uses Merit for Promotions

By | July 23, 2020

[July 23, 2020]  During the American Civil War, casualties were extraordinarily high.  More than any other war in which the United States participated, the proportion of those killed and wounded is the highest.  There were many factors, but incompetence among senior Army officers was the most profound.  Eventually, the military used merit for promotions. At the beginning of… Read More »

What is the Best Predictor of Leader Success?

[May 29, 2020]  If we look at professional literature on leadership, there is a solid consensus that two factors allow us to foretell leader success.  Intelligence (as measured in IQ) and conscientiousness are hands down, the strongest predictors of success.  These two also measure success in higher education, military careers, and mid-level managerial positions.  Based on my observations,… Read More »

How Senior Leaders Gain Respect (Part 2)

[May 9, 2020]  Yesterday, I published Part 1 of this series on how senior leaders gain respect.  It bears repeating, “It is not possible to force people to respect you.”  Everyone seems to recognize that respect helps smooth the way toward getting the mission accomplished.  Thus, the desire for respect will come as no surprise. “How do leaders… Read More »