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Finding a $5 Dollar Bill

By | September 30, 2023

[September 30, 2023]  I was only six years old, living in a poor area of Louisiana where money was scarce, and you were rich if you had a spare dollar.  Walking along with my best friend Wilson, we came upon a $5 Dollar bill lying in the street.  “Lookie thar, Douglas, thar’s a Lincoln just sittin’ without nobody… Read More »

College Math Professors: Students can’t Subtract

By | September 24, 2023

[September 24, 2023]  Fifteen years ago, when I lived in Brooklyn, New York, I was affiliated with one of their colleges near my home.  I often talked with counselors who worked with incoming Freshmen to improve their math and reading skills.  The college math professors told us that about half the students couldn’t do even High School math. … Read More »

Justice Lies to Us

By | September 22, 2023

[September 22, 2023]  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn once wrote that anyone who uses violence to suppress people must “inexorably choose lying as his principle.”  Leaders who lie and those who support those leaders who lie are guilty of the world’s most evil of evils.  Even in Dante’s Inferno, betrayal is at the bottomless pit of evil.  My topic today is… Read More »

Fat Liberation: an Ideology of Personal Destruction

By | September 21, 2023

[September 21, 2023]  Action without consequences.  “No consequences” is at the heart of the fat liberation movement in America.  Zyanha Bryant, a morbidly obese woman community organizer and BLM activist is now the face of fat liberation.  As I understand it, she wants to remove the stigma associated with being fat. “So when I think about what fat… Read More »