Good Habits #19: Adhere to the Golden Rule

By | December 27, 2015

[December 27, 2015]  The habit of treating all people like you would like to be treated is an adage that goes back before recorded history.  It is the basis for all religions and for successful customer service in any business enterprise.  Good habits for leaders also means taking the Golden Rule further and treating people like they would like to be treated.

“I have something that I call my Golden Rule. It goes something like this: ‘Do unto others twenty-five percent better than you expect them to do unto you.’ … The twenty-five percent is for error.” – Linus Pauling

Most of us know of the ethical rule best explained in the Bible in Matthew 7:12 where it is written … “do to others what you would have the do to you…” Sadly however, the fact is that most leaders regularly don’t follow the Golden Rule; we don’t live it and most of us don’t believe in it, nor do we trust its practical effects on others or us.

The best leaders know that the Golden Rule and all its implications does not originate in the law of humans but in the knowledge that all people are important, that it is based on what makes people tick, and that it must be practiced without self-interest. Leaders, therefore, recognize the needs of others and adapt to them accordingly.

Treating others like they would like to be treated is infectious. Those individuals are more likely to pass along the good attitude and graciousness that they themselves have received. They are more satisfied with all aspects of their lives and are thus more creative, helpful, and hard working.

Good leaders know to use the Golden Rule and know to go beyond it.  This simple adage is easily learned and easily practiced.  When employed by a leader, nothing but good can come from it.

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Author: Douglas R. Satterfield

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