The Joining of a Nation

By | May 10, 2014

[May 10, 2014] On this date in 1869, the nation was joined symbolically and literally by connecting the first Transcontinental Railroad across the United States. A ceremonial “golden spike” was driven to join the rails at Promontory Summit, Utah Territory. The vision of financier David Hewes1 is credited for the idea. The “joining of a nation” is an… Read More »

Characteristics #59: The Optimism of Will in Others

By | May 10, 2014

[May 10, 2014] It never seems to amaze me that some people can energize and harness an optimistic attitude in others. I admire those greatest of individuals and envy their endless ability to make others feel like someone special. Only the greatest of leaders can do this with groups of people, while concurrently keeping their organization afloat. This… Read More »

Mental Resilience and Leadership (Part 5)

[May 09, 2014] I have proposed the idea here that people in our modern world are experiencing less stress overall today in their lives, especially when compared to our parents, grandparents, and all those before us. Furthermore, we are less mentally resilience because of it. One not so surprising result is that people are less tolerant of others.… Read More »

The UK: Race and Politics

[May 08, 2014] Race and Politics! A combination that is sure to hit all the right emotions. The United Kingdom and their politics is a rather exciting mess to read about. It has it all … race, emotion, leadership, raucousness, scandal, name-calling, and a litany of issues all intertwined with politics … electric! We in the U.S. have… Read More »

Core Values: LAPD

[May 08, 2014] Growing up watching the old “black and white,” one of my favorite shows was Dragnet1 starring Jack Webb as Sgt Joe Friday – the 1967-70 version. The Los Angeles Police Department has had a number to television series and movies based on its men and women in the force doing good. The LAPD has a… Read More »

Political Investigation of Leaders

[May 07, 2014] Daily, we read about some new investigation of government leaders, making it seem as though our government is either broken or full of crooks. I propose that many of these investigations are motivated by nothing more than an attempt to target a leader politically. While many of these investigations are necessary, some are used as… Read More »