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Dogs Are Us

By | December 31, 2023

[December 31, 2023]  As I type this article, my last blog post of the year, my dog Bella is at my feet.  She is sleeping there but also in her protective mode, guarding me from any danger lurking and unknown.  A few days ago, she returned to the veterinarian’s office for a second emergency visit in a week. … Read More »

Leaders Had Better Be Squeaky Clean

By | December 28, 2023

[December 28, 2023]  One of the earliest articles I wrote for my blog was about leader transparency.  Titled A Few Thoughts on Leader Transparency, my core idea was that people must know that their leaders are open about their decision-making and that they provide an honest assessment of the results of their decisions.  Leaders had better be squeaky… Read More »

Do Feminists Really Want Equality?

By | December 26, 2023

[December 24, 2023]  Feminists have strived for decades to gain equality for themselves compared to men.  But is that really what feminism is about?  Hannah Pearl Davis disagrees strongly with feminism.  Recently, she was on SkyNews being interviewed by Piers Morgan, along with feminist activist Ava Santina. Pearl has put forth arguments against feminism, essentially saying that feminists… Read More »

Why We Built a WWII Statue

By | December 24, 2023

[December 24, 2023]  Four years ago, a small group of men – all acquaintances – were discussing “doing something” for their community.  One of these men knew and befriended a World War II veteran and his devoted daughter.   The veteran was a highly decorated Army medic.  After the veteran passed away, his daughter suggested to the group that… Read More »