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Take Back Our Border: Texas Truck Convoy

By | January 28, 2024

[January 28, 2024]  A large truck convoy is headed to the Texas border.  U.S. Rep. Keith Self (R-TX) announced earlier this week that truckers will hold a “demonstration along several border routes to protest the wide open [southern] border.”1 between January 29 and February 3.  As expected, radical leftists are criticizing these truckers for being un-American and un-democratic.… Read More »

Texas Says ‘Come and Take It’

By | January 27, 2024

[January 27, 2024]  For all the hoopla surrounding politics, one of the most divisive is the Constitutional crisis we are experiencing at America’s southern border.  President Joe Biden’s unwritten but deliberate policy has allowed unfettered access into our country by illegal aliens.  The Texas governor has finally said that his state has had enough and told the federal… Read More »

The FBI Goes Full Woke

By | January 26, 2024

By guest blogger Delf A. “Jelly” Bryce [See Biography] [January 26, 2024]  Greetings!  Yeah, I’m back.  General Satterfield hounded me to give an appraisal on the decline of America’s FBI and here it is.  You’re not going to like what I have to say, and the FBI bureaucrats won’t either. Okay, here we go with my main points… Read More »