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The Google Gemini AI Fiasco

By | February 28, 2024

[February 28, 2024]  This month, Google launched its new Gemini AI, and it was a fiasco, generating a storm of controversy about its Woke, racist, and anti-historical output.  The program generated highly inaccurate and offensive images, forcing Google to apologize. “The AI model first found itself in hot water when users found its image service was generating historically… Read More »

It’s a Weird Weird World

By | February 26, 2024

[February 26, 2024]  There was once a time where we in America could make good predictions about the future, our children would live better than us, cars and airplane travel was safer, crime was falling, wars were less likely, and our families were considered important.  No longer.  Someone once said that our world is just weird weird. Today… Read More »

International Hero: Javier Milei

By | February 25, 2024

[February 25, 2024]  Javier Milei is Argentina’s hero, and I will add that he is also an International hero.  Why?  He has single-handedly turned around the social and economic fortunes of Argentina and shown the world that the insidious Woke/Progressive/Leftist modern ideologies are inherently destructive and morally unfair. As Argentina’s new President, he has embarked on a one-man… Read More »

Libs of TikTok

By | February 21, 2024

[February 21, 2024]  Libs of TikTok is a social media exposé of radical-left wing activities using their leftists’ own accounts.  Those same left-wing users are lashing back at LoTT for the exposé of the Woke agenda.  I’m unsure how many followers there are, but it appears there are about 2 million on Twitter/X.  The woman behind Libs of… Read More »

It’s Necessary to Be a Man: Dr. Jordan Peterson

By | February 20, 2024

[February 20, 2024]  Too many feminists, politicians, and radical leftists are attacking manhood in the West.  However, some are pushing back on this ideology by giving us well-reasoned arguments about why manhood should be preserved.  Dr. Jordan Peterson is one of those who makes plain, common-sense arguments about the good side of manhood. In a short take, he… Read More »