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Leaders: People Don’t Buy What You Do!

[October 14, 2017]  As leaders, people don’t buy what you do, so much as they buy why you do it.  British-American author Simon Sinek said something like this years ago when he was giving a presentation on leadership to an international audience.  His observation is spot on because, as he noted later, the most basic… Read More »

Boss or Leader: Which Fits You Best?

[October 13, 2017]  A good friend of mine who retired from the U.S. Air Force was offered an hourly-wage job at a local car dealership.  After meeting with the man who would be his boss at the job, my friend turned it down.  In the Air Force my friend was used to leaders not bosses. … Read More »

What Can Leaders Learn from Harvey Weinstein?

[October 12, 2017]  Learning from the successes of great leaders is something all leaders should strive to do.  But the lessons we get from those leaders who fail is truly beneficial to our leadership development.  Can leaders learn from the recently revealed Harvey Weinstein scandal by seeing what went wrong and why? The answer should… Read More »

Characteristic# 104:  Generosity

[October 11, 2017]  Fundamental traits of what constitutes a great leader never changes.  Those characteristics that stand out as key component of greatness will remain the same as long as people remain humans and just as our wants and desires remain unchanged.  One of those important traits that cannot go without mentioning here is generosity;… Read More »

Good Leaders are Never Victims

[October 10, 2017]  A number of my old college buddies disagree with me.  They disagree that leaders are never victims … but my buddies are, perhaps, talking about something different.  I believe that good leaders are never victims because leadership means having a positive outlook and possessing a be-prepared approach to life. “There are hunters,… Read More »

Don’t Ignore the Obvious

[October 9, 2017]  After a wild afternoon where I burnt down the cotton fields behind their house, I sat down to dinner with both my grandparents.  This was the same place where I was paid 10¢ a day to pick cotton and learned about teamwork.  That day as a young child, I was to learn… Read More »

Don’t Find Fault, Find a Remedy

[October 8, 2017]  Henry Ford, one of the best known captains of American industry, said this decades ago but it still provides us with a good working leadership philosophy today.  The difference between a follower and a leader can be summed up in these few words; where one person finds fault (or problems), the other… Read More »

Lazy Leadership

[October 6, 2017]  Trustworthiness …  it all boils down to whether people trust a leader and that trust becomes the interconnectedness of reliability, believability, and respectability.  We have all seen it.  Each of us has had the displeasure to observe the destruction that lazy leadership brings the workplace, the home, and those things we’ve built. … Read More »

The Catalonia Independence Movement

[October 5, 2017]  Who is Carles Puigdemont and what is Catalonia?  Until just recently, Mr. Puigdemont was an unknown outside Spain and parts of Europe.  He is currently the President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, a province of northeastern Spain and the person leading the Catalonia independence movement. This independence movement of Catalonia to secede… Read More »

Leadership Means to Know Your People

[October 4, 2017] My wife has me watching a British detective series called Inspector Lewis. It must have been successful because it went nine seasons. In this episode, while visiting a police officer in the hospital, Inspector Lewis gives an injured officer a box of chocolates but realizes she is allergic to them. Lewis asks… Read More »