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Principles of Military Leadership  (Part 1)

By | December 21, 2021

[December 21, 2021]  Search the Internet or read just about any book on military leadership, and you will find a wide range of “principles” of military leadership.  Of course, that a good because most of what is written stays within the classic lines of leadership.  For example, good communications and knowing your weaknesses will top most lists. Today,… Read More »

Gun Show Visit and Good Time

By | December 20, 2021

[December 20, 2021]  This past weekend, my friend and I went to a Gun Show in Pennsylvania.  We had not been there in over a year; due to the COVID-19 scare.  We were interested in new gun products, prices, up-to-date changes in gun laws, yakking it up with gun “nuts,” and walking around to see what folks were… Read More »

Battle of the Bulge

By | December 18, 2021

[December 18, 2021]  This week begins the 77th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge.  For those who no longer study history, you cannot learn important lessons like courage, tenacity, flexibility, and honor.  This anniversary, perhaps, can begin you down the right path. The German name, for what became known as the Battle of the Bulge, was Operation… Read More »

You Can’t Fake It

By | December 16, 2021

[December 16, 2021] There’s a saying in the designer world that “you can’t fake fashion.” They are referring to the quality of design, materials, and construction of clothing and accompanying accessories.  The same is true of being a leader.  You can’t fake it. There is no denying that some people can be fooled when distinguishing good leaders from… Read More »

Book Signing on a Range

By | December 12, 2021

[December 12, 2021] I had a book signing at my favorite local shooting locale this past Friday afternoon.  Range 129, located in the town next to mine, is a large, clean, family-run business; and it shows in their exemplary customer service.  The owners were kind enough to permit me to sell my books and bought a few, as… Read More »